(1D)And her name was Sarah

Hi, my name is Sarah. I live in an orphanage with my best friend Gigi, who just got an offer to be adopted... By her real parents. I've always wanted to meet my real parents, I stole my file the other day and learned my p-parents names are Maura and Bobby. I didn't get a chance to see my last name though, until one special phone call....... (2012 time)


6. The Backstabber

Harry's POV

Gigi was passed out and I was really worried about her and Sarah. Niall,Greg, and Zayn road in the ambulance with Sarah and I rode in the one with Gigi.

*At The Hospital*

Once we got there Gigi was put into a room and only direct family members such as her parents were supposed to go In because it was after visiting hours. I saw two people walk in that looked a awful lot like Gigi. "Hello. Are you Gigi's parents?" I asked. "Yes. You must be Harry she told us so much about you. So your friends with Sarah's brothers?" The woman said. "Yes, we are in a band together." I replied. "Well that's exiting. I'm going to check on Gigi. We'll be back soon." She shouted. I don't think her dad likes me that much...

Gigi's POV

I heard someone enter the room I don't know where I am or what is happening. I can't move or open my eyes. Someone sat on each side of me. "Honey it's me... Mom" One of them said. "And Dad..." The other whispered. I finally managed to open my eyes. It was so bright, I could tell I was in a hospital but I couldn't tell why...

Oh that's right it was my boyfriend... That Britney tried to steal from me, I remember everything very clear now. She tried to kill us, man I remember when we were the best of friends. I saw someone else come in. It was a boy about my age with dark brown curly hair and beautiful green eyes. Not my type though.

Harry's POV

Thank God! She's finally awake, I decided to go see her. I stepped into the room and she looked confused. "Doctor my head hurts..." She said to... Me?!??!? "I-I'm not your doctor..." I stuttered. She's joking with me, hopefully... "Then who are you? Where's Sarah?" She asked. "I have no idea where Sarah is but I'm your b-" She cut me off. "My brother?!?!!? I've always wanted a brother!" She exclaimed. "No I'm your boyfriend..." I whimpered. "No Mark is my boyfriend you liar! I love him!"

Liam's POV

I wasn't sure which room to go into so I decided to go into Gigi's. "No Mark is my boyfriend! You liar!" I heard Gigi scream. Man I could tell things were getting Bad... I stepped in to the room and Gigi looked really mad. Just then a doctor rushed in almost knocking me over. " I heard all the shouting... What's wrong Gigi?" He asked. "Everything!!! He is claiming he is my boyfriend and I've never seen anyone in this room before... I need Sarah... I need Ms.L." She said quietly.

Nialls POV

"Wake up." I said to Sarah I knew it wouldn't work but I kept trying anyway. It's been a few hours since 'The incident'. So I just found out I had a little sister TODAY! Then Zayn an her get together. And then THIS! Jeezz. Suddenly her eyes fluttered open. "M-M-Mark, D-David, and B-B-Britney..." She screamed. I was suddenly worried. Were those the people that tried to kill us? Zayn told me it looked like they knew each other.... The doctor said Sarah had lost a lot of blood, so either Greg or I will have to give some. Greg and I volunteered at the same time. We argued for a little bit but because Greg was older he won the argument.

*About one Hour Later*

Harry's POV

Gigi still has no idea who I am nor who her parents are. She keeps mumbling about Sarah, a guy named Mark ,and another David. I was really confused.

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