(1D)And her name was Sarah

Hi, my name is Sarah. I live in an orphanage with my best friend Gigi, who just got an offer to be adopted... By her real parents. I've always wanted to meet my real parents, I stole my file the other day and learned my p-parents names are Maura and Bobby. I didn't get a chance to see my last name though, until one special phone call....... (2012 time)


1. Sarah and Gigi

Hi, my name's Sarah. Don't ask about my last name, only because I don't exactly know what it is. I only know my parents first names because I stole my file, I got in serious trouble of course but now I know a very small piece of my past. I am 16 years old and my birthday is April 13th 1996. I am 5 feet tall, I have gross dirty blond hair, everyone says it's so pretty... I don't believe them oh and I have dark blue eyes.

My phone started ringing off the hook, it was Ms.L. She is the owner of the orphanage. I was worried she never calls me. I picked up my phone and answered it. "Hello?" She said "Hi!" I said. I trying to sound worried. "Well I have some news...." She said. Now I was scared. "W-W-What do you mean." I said "Ummm, Gigi's getting adopted..." Ms.L said. I just started breaking down, Gigi was my only real friend "B-b-by w-who?" I managed to get out. "Her real parents" Ms.L said quietly. Gigi was my very best friend she is so beautiful. She has highlighted dirty blond hair, she hates it but is so beautiful. She it totally my girl crush! She has greeny-yellowy eyes they are amazing she again hates them but still. I can't believe she is leaving.

*one day later*

I woke up remembering everything Ms.L told me, as the smile disappeared off my face I heard a loud knock at my door. "Who is it?" I shouted. "Ummm it's your awesome friend Gigi!" I opened the door and hugged her so tight she almost screamed! I started crying into her shoulder, "What's wrong?" She asked. "Well... My BFF is moving away from me. So not much..."

We both started crying, hard. "I don't want you to go away Gigi." I whispered. "I know, but this is my chance to meet my real parents... I didn't want to tell you yet because we are going to have a party celebrating my leaving and we were going to tell you then...." She said "What!" I shouted "Ummm my birth parents offered to adopt you!" She exclaimed. "Well why would I say no!!!!!" I screamed as we started jumping on the bed together.

*One Hour Later*

After a whole hour of goodbyes and a little bit of partying we left. I am going to miss it there so much. Gigi's parents were rich so they bought my file with all of my information in it. I was so exited to read it! At our new house they showed us our new rooms, Gigi's was bigger than mine only because I was an unexpected guest. I sat on my bed and began to read my file... Mother:Maura Horan Father:Bob Horan. Ok so I found out my last name is Horan, Sarah Horan. I have two older brothers Greg and Niall Horan. I wonder what they're like... Will they like me? I have so many questions.

After about an hour of packing everything I decided to go to the place of my birth... Ireland. I wonder of my family still lives there. I told Gigi's parents and they loved the idea, Gigi decided she wants to come and see a new place of the world.

*On The Plane*

I brought my file with me in case someone needs proof. I kept looking through it over and over again, barely believing my eyes. A teenage boy sat next to me probably about 17 with dark curly hair. "Hi. My name is Gigi and this is Sarah." Gigi said pointing to me. "Hi. My name is Harry."

Harry's POV

"Hi. My name is Harry." Man I wonder if they know who I am. Gigi was amazing...I thought as I took out my phone and started texting Nialler Horan. The Sarah girl looked over at my phone and saw Nialls name and got very excited. "Y-you know N-Niall Horan?" Sarah asked. "Yes..." I said slowly... Gosh Gigi was so beautiful... Zayn would like Sarah. "Well he is m-my b-b-" I cut her off "Don't you dare say boyfriend cause I know that's not true." I said fast. "No, he is not my boyfriend he i-is my b-brother." She said. I stood up and started walking away "No please, please." She whimpered. I thought about it and I asked for proof, she showed me a file with all of her information in it. She showed me her birth certificate, Parents:Maura and Bob Horan. Siblings:Greg and Niall Horan. I almost fainted... I texted Niall

To Niall: Get your brother and get your butt over to my house... I have a surprise for you:P

To Harry: Oh! Oh! Oh! Is it Nandos????

To Niall: I can't tell you.

*End of Texting*

"We are going to see your brothers." I told her

Sarah's POV

"We are going to see your brothers." He told me "How do you know Niall and Greg?" I asked him. "You really don't know who I am. Do you?" He asked. "No I have no idea who you are." I stated. "Why should I?" I asked. "Well I think your about to find out." He said as the seatbelt sign came on. When we got off of the plane I looked out the window and I saw a bunch of screaming 15 year olds. "What is happening? Is there a famous person on the plane, or something?" I asked Harry. He just pointed to himself and I just laughed. "Nice try Harry... Wait is that girl wearing a Harry t-shirt??!!?" I had to scream because there were so many people screaming at Harry anyway. "Ummm yea... I'm in a boy band with your brother." He told me. "No way! Your in a boy band with Greg!" I shouted. Everyone looked at me like I was crazy. "Ummm no I'm in a boy band with Nialler." He told me. "So my big bro is famous!!!" I shrieked. We got into the big limo and it drove us to Harry's house, which was HUGE! Gigi looked like she was going to pass out. Her and Harry are so cute together!

Nialls POV

I wonder what the surprise is I'm so excited! Harry walked in with two girls behind him. "Boys meet Gigi,and Sarah." Greg walked up to Sarah and asked her... "Are you the one Harry was talking about, The one I remember?" She nodded and they hugged... Awkward. She walked up to me and hugged me. She must be a big fan, "Your Greg right?" She asked me "No I'm Niall,love." I responded. Now I remember I used to have dreams about this one girl we were hugging and she was pulled away from me. And that's exactly what was happening as Harry pulled her off of me...

Gigi's POV

Harry is so HOT!! "Love you want to go on a walk with me?" He asked. "Of course!!" I responded

Sarah's POV

"Of course!!" I heard Gigi say from the front room. I sat next to Greg on the couch. Niall looked mad I was here. "Hey sis wanna move over?" Greg asked me. "Of course bro!" No Niall looked like he had seen a ghost. "W-why did y-you call h-him bro??" He asked. "Umm maybe because he is my brother..." I responded. Oh great Niall hates me, and he doesn't believe me. What a nice Brother

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