(1D)And her name was Sarah

Hi, my name is Sarah. I live in an orphanage with my best friend Gigi, who just got an offer to be adopted... By her real parents. I've always wanted to meet my real parents, I stole my file the other day and learned my p-parents names are Maura and Bobby. I didn't get a chance to see my last name though, until one special phone call....... (2012 time)


3. Niall believe me

Nialls POV

Wow I can't believe her she expects me to believe she is my little sister... I feel like something is missing now that she left to stay with Greg. "Oh Greg why do believe that stupid fan? Why?" I said out loud knowing no one can hear me. "Because she is our sister." A voice said behind me. "Oh my God!" I screamed. It was only Greg but still. "She is so much like you Niall." Greg said. "She loves her food..." I wasn't sure what to say. "Ummm can we get a DNA test?" I asked. "Okay as long as you meet her and spend time with her." Greg said. "Okay." I finally agreed.

Greg POV

"Okay." He finally agreed. As we drove to my house I called Sarah.

Phone Call

Sarah:Hello? Greg?

Greg:Hi Sarah! Niall has to say something to you.


Niall:Ummm, hi Sarah?

Sarah:Hi Niall.

Niall:Look I'm really sorry

Sarah:It's okay.

Niall:No it's not ok I was a complete jerk to you.

Sarah:So Greg texted me you wanted to get a DNA test...

Greg:I told you not to tell him!

Sarah:Sorry! I didn't know I was on speakerphone...

Niall:Well... Are you ok with it?

Sarah:Of course! How about tomorrow at 3?

Niall:Okay sounds great!

Greg:Well we are in the driveway now so see you in a second.

Niall:Bye... Sis

Sarah:Bye Bro!

*End Of Phone Call*

Gigi's POV

"Hey we should call Sarah and see if she's ok." I said to Harry, to be honest I REALLY missed her we haven't seen her in a week! "Sure." Harry said.

*Start Of Phone Call*

Sarah:Hello? Gigi?

Gigi:Hey girly!

Sarah:I've missed you so much!!!!

Gigi:I know right!!!!

Sarah:Well Niall decided to come see me...

Gigi:Is that good or bad?

Sarah:Honestly I'm not sure.

Gigi:Everything will be fine.

Sarah:Wanna come over?

Gigi:Ummm... YES!

Sarah:okie dokie see you soon!


*End of Phone Call*

Sarah's POV

I heard the front door open and I saw Niall and Greg walk in I ran towards Niall and gave him the biggest hug I have given anyone. "Well she has to be my sister... She's got the Horan Hug down!" He said. "Horan Hug?" I asked as the doorbell rang. "I'll get it!" I yelled. I knew it was Gigi and Harry, it had to be right? I opened the door and I saw Gigi and Harry holding hands! And three other lads. They all walked right in and I got a little creeped out. I hugged Gigi so hard she screamed... Again. I walked into the living room to see who those boys were.

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