(1D)And her name was Sarah

Hi, my name is Sarah. I live in an orphanage with my best friend Gigi, who just got an offer to be adopted... By her real parents. I've always wanted to meet my real parents, I stole my file the other day and learned my p-parents names are Maura and Bobby. I didn't get a chance to see my last name though, until one special phone call....... (2012 time)


4. Meeting The Boys

Sarah's POV

I walked into the living room to see who those boys were and I saw the three boys at the door jumping on my brothers and Harry. Is it bad I think one of them is cute? A boy that had brown hair and dark brown eyes noticed me. "Well Niall cute girl friend." He said. "I-I'm not h-his girlfriend." I stated. "Well then who are you." He asked. "I'm his sister." I declared. The three boys just laughed. "We are getting a DNA test tomorrow." Greg said. "Oh I forgot! Sarah doesn't know about our band 'Niall and the Potatoes' or One Direction..." Niall said "Wait you like potatoes? OMG I love them!!!!" I screamed. "Yup you guys are brother and sister! Oh by the way my name is Liam." Man they are all so hot... The cutest one I think is Zayn Malik...

*The Next Day*

The boys spent the night I woke up in Niall's arms in a protective way. That really makes me feel like I can be an important part of this world. Oh shoot! What time is it??!?! Ok it's only noon we're ok. I better wake everyone up though. I woke up Gigi and we started drawing all over the boys faces. 5 minutes later we woke them up, trying not to laugh we went to go get ready. We heard Louis scream first. That's when we just couldn't hold it in anymore we just started cracking up! It was hilarious! They all rushed in to my room looking angry. "So what's up" I asked. Gigi and I grabbed all the makeup remover and started with Niall,then Liam,then Louis,then Greg,then Harry, and then Zayn. The boys decided to come with us to the DNA test with us. Once we were already I hoped it would match I loved these boys. Even though it has only been one day I feel like I have known them forever! We all got in the car and drove to the doctors

*Skip Car Ride*

I fell asleep on Zayns chest, I woke up to the boys 'awww'ing a picture on twitter... It was of me and Zayn. I wonder what everyone will say? As we walked in the nurse asked us who the test was going to be on. Of course Niall and I stepped forward. The boys came up to me and Zayn said "Ok so if your nialls sister we party tonight. But if your talking crap you pack your bags and leave. Got it? I slowly nodded.

Now I realllllly hoped Niall and Greg were my brothers! The nurse took the cotton swab things and stuffed it in the back of my throat and she did the same with Niall. Ewww it tasted so gross.

Everyone was serious, except for Gigi and Harry. They were in the corner giggling. They were so cute together! About an hour later the doctor came back with the results... "Well looks like you have two new brothers!" I ran over to Niall and Greg and hugged them till they screamed. I just laughed. "Yep Niall you were right... She has the Horan hug!"

Nialls POV

Well I have a little sister two years younger me. She is so sweet. I'm not going to let anyone touch her. Or hurt her. Or anything!!!

Well now we are going home to celebrate my new sister... Sarah!

Oh... Great the paparazzi just saw me at the doctors with a girl... Wonder what my #crazymofos (my fans) will think... Oh joy I bet she is already getting hate on every social media cite. She is going to hate me for this. Man can't I just have a little bit of privacy!

Sarah's POV

Gosh. Niall has so many fans! I'm so happy he is my big brother! "Who are you?" An annoying girl that looked about 12 years old. "I'm Nialls younger sister..." I said back. "No your not you little liar!" She spat. "You know what... I don't care about you, you little...." Niall came and stood by me right then and I decided to stop and just walk away. Zayn came up behind me "What are we doing... It's your day Sarah." He said "Ummm well... Do you want to just go home and watch movies and hang out?" I replied. "Sure we can!" Liam said.. We went home and everyone sat on the couch as I grabbed the remote off the table. I went on demand and after about 10 minutes of arguing we picked out 'The Sound of Music' I loved this movie! We sang every song together. Gigi sat between Harry and I, I sat next to Greg and Niall sat behind me, and the other three crazy boys were on the love seat. Man those boys can be so funny!

Harry's POV

I am jealous. Jealous of Liam... I think Gigi likes him. Well I can see why but still. "Man you guys are the best!" Sarah shouted. "Yeah... We know!" Niall said. Wow I still cannot believe Niall has a sister!

*2 Hours Later*

About two hours later Gigi started getting tired so I decided we could stay the night. Gigi stayed with Sarah and I stayed with the boys. We decided to spy on the girls like little kids. They were talking about.... US?!??! "I kinda like Zayn..." Sarah whispered. "I love Hazza. Man I wonder if he feels the same way..." Gigi said quietly. "I love you too.." I said from behind the door. "I kinda like you too..." Zayn said. We opened the door and the girls ran up to us and hugged us. "Owwww." Zayn whimpered. "Wait are you two like dating?" Liam asked. "Well that depends... Gigi will you be my girl friend?" I asked. "Of course!!!" She said as she smashed her lips against mine. "Get a room!" Sarah shouted. Everyone laughed. "Ummm I kind wish you were my girlfriend to... I broke up with Perrie for you... Please say yes?" Zayn said quietly. "Ummm, I-I ummm." Sarah whispered "OF COURSE!" She screamed! Everyone had to cover their ears to like... live!

No offense to Perrie! I totally support zarrie! I'm soooo sorryyyyy for not writing in so long. And sorry this chapter is so short! I love ya readers!

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