Urban Legend


3. Starting up

      *Bang!* I jump from the loud sound of the snow falling off the roof. "Man that chain-email got me paranoid." I decide to invite my boyfriend over. He came through the door and said hi. "Hi." He came over to the couch and sat down next to me. "What you need?" "Company. I got this weird email, and it's making me paranoid." "What is it?" "I think it was something about this 7-year-old named Teddy who comes at night to kill you because he died a gruesome death and wants his way." "Do you have to forward it to12 people?" "Yeah, I think." "You should've forward it. It really happened. My cousin got it and died the next day." "How do you know he got it?" "I saw the subject of it." "Derrek! Why did you tell me that?! Now you got me all scared and even more paranoid!" "Sorry, should've never brought up the subject. You've been cooped up in your house too long. Let's go hang out at the mall. It's bright and open." "Okay." I get dressed and get into Derrek's car. We hung out at the mall for a few hours. We invited some friends over. They all came over. I went to go check my computer when the chain-mail came up in word pad. No one ever touched my laptop. "What the heck?" Everyone surrounded me and read the document. Then the lights flashed out. Then they switched on. 3 people were gone. Now it was me, Derrek, Scott, Ash, Caroline, and Ginger. I ran to the door and, somehow, it was locked. Derrek saw me freak. "Don't cry Robyn. It's alright." He said hugging me. I pushed him off of me and said "Don't you understand? We had 9 people here now there's 6. 3 of them died."  "I'm just trying to be positive." "Well this isn't the time." His expression changed and he tensed up. "Derrek, I'm sorry. I'm just really... I'm sorry I snapped at you." He pecked my lips. "It's alright I would snap if I was pressured too."

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