Urban Legend


4. Getting Real

              I was asleep on the couch when something broke. I jumped up and rushed to where the sound came from. "What the heck happened?" Derrek was on his hands and knees. "I broke a glass." "Nice going." He looked down and shook his while he was cleaning up his mess. I looked over at the clock. 1:23 am. The lights flickered on and off. Then the t.v suddenly turned on. "I warned you...Time to learn your lesson."  Then it went black. I saw Derrek on the floor. I lean over him and check if he was still breathing. He is but he's out cold. Ash came out of the restroom and freaked. "He's dead! Derrek's dead!" "No he's not! Shut up dude!" "Sorry..." Ginger walks out and asked why we were so loud. "Ginger, go back to bed. This doesn't concern you." Ash said sternly. "Ash, don't be rude. She's your girlfriend." "I know. I'm just paranoid about this 'Teddy' thing." "We all are Ash." Derrek woke up and propped himself on his elbows. I look over and help him up. "What happened?" "The lights went out and the tv said something then Ash started freaking out." "Oh, how long was I out? 5 days? 2 weeks? A month?!" "3 minutes." He had a dissapointed look on his face. I tripped over the edge of the carpet and faceplanted, getting a mouth full of cat hair. "Ew, gross Fuzzy!" She walked by, and nuzzled her face on mine. I got up and limped to the couch. "That must've been more of a nasty fall than I thought!" I twisted my ankle and couldn't stand with pressure on my foot. "I think I twisted my ankle." "Nice going Robyn." "Shut up."

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