Lifetime ( sequel to a talent to be)

Skyler has just given birth to her and Harry's baby boy but there are troubles along the way and a lot of them can harry and Skyler pull through or will it be the end for them . (Sequel to a talent to be)


2. Shocking news

-17YEARS LATER- it's been 17years since I left Harry we never divorced because we didn't file it back in time but I'm grateful because it means I still have a peice of Harry left with me Louis is 17 now he turned 17 a couple weeks ago I never really kept in contact with any of them but I guess that's because it hurts to much I'm still miserable I cry every night and no matter how hard I try I can't stop and its sad knowing Im 37and spending most of my time at home crying or at work trying my hardest to keep a roof over our heads today's Harry's birthday but for me it's curl in a ball and cry till Lou's back I'm - I got cut out of my thoughts.
"RING RING RING" my phone ringed and I picked it up.
"Hello this is skyler speaking" I said .
" ma'am it's jack again due to the way you are living and your money conditions you are going to have to give Louis to his father" I heard my lawyer say through the phone my mouth hanged open and my vision started to blur .
"N-no i know i have money problems and my house isnt in the best condition but please dont take my baby away from be " I cried into the phone.
" Im so sorry skyler if I could change it I would" he said him and a few other lawyers are the only one who knows about my money problem not even vi or the boys know and that's why when ever vi would text 'can we visit' I would say no and would stop texting her cause I can only afford that top up so I try not to use it also because I don't want them to see how I live cause they will judge me my house only has one small room that can only fit two single beds in it and a set of draws we don't even have a lounge because its to much money and a small kitchen that only fits one person in it otherwise its to cramped we have to sit in our room to eat we have no carpet on the floors and there a few cracks in the ceiling so when it rains I have to put pots and buckets under the leak .
" mum " I heard Lou say from our bedroom door I quickly whipped the tears off my face and turned to see him standing at the doorway with a frown on his face he walked over to me .
" mum please stop crying " he said whipping away another tear that fell I sighed and looked at him he looked exactly like Harry in every way possible and he understands so much .
" baby you know money's a problem right now for me" I said he nodded I sighed again and grabbed onto his hands .
"Today when you go to dads you need to stay there for a while intill i sort this out" I whispered tears poured out of my eyes .
" but how long will it take " he questioned his eyes became watery more tears poured out .
" a long time baby a long time " I cried Lou wrapped his arms around me I wrapped my arms around him and cried I don't want to lose my baby not now not ever.
" it's the lawyers isn't it " Lou said looking at me I nodded he sighed .
" mum let me get a job I can help you please don't let them stop me from seeing you " he said I shook my head and whipped my tears .
" no baby nothing's getting me out of this one " I said Louis took one look around the room and let tears slip from his eyes I stood out of my seat and rushed to his side and whipped them away Lou grabbed my hands and looked me right in the eye .
" mum please stop stressing it isn't could for you it makes you older you're already got a few grey hairs and I don't want to lose you yet " he begged standing up he over towered me I shrunk a bit I'm 5'4 and he stands at 5'9 he pulled me into a hug and pulled out I looked up at him and smiled weakly .
" I'm not that old am I " I joked Lou chuckled before slightly shaking his head .
" no where near it mum " he said I sighed in relief.
" good cause I thought for a second that you'll have to start carrying me around the place " I joked Lou nodded his head .
" even when your 50 ill carry you " he said I smiled but it quickly faded when I heard the sound of rain on the roof a look of worry crossed my face I rushed out of the room and grabbed a few pots and buckets I ran around with Lou in the kitchen watching me I had just bent over to put the last bucket on the ground I went to stand up straight when my stomach felt like it exploded I groaned in pain and fell to my knees holding my stomach.
"MUM" Louis shouted running over to me he picked my up and laid me on the bed he looked at me worried .
" I guess I'm getting a bit to old " I said Lou shook his head quickly a tear left his eye I quickly whipped it away .
" why are you crying" I asked.
" you're not old " he quickly replied I looked at him when it came to mind.
" you don't want me to d-" he cut me off.
" don't even mention it lets just go to dads" he said I nodded.
" go pack as much as you can" my happyish mood disappeared Lou sighed but nodded and went into our room in a couple of minutes he came back out with his suitcase .
" I guess I'm ready" he said I nodded and pulled out my car keys and went to the car Lou hopped in next to me .
" can you please take me in I want to say goodbye please" he begged I nodded we pulled up to their huge ass house oh how I missed this house I also miss having all the room and not being all cramped up Lou grabbed his suitcase and hopped out I took a quick look in the mirror to see I had about 7 grey hairs on my head I sighed and got out I walked with Lou to the front door I stopped at the door.
" okay I can't do this" I said I haven't seen or talked to them in 17 years and they probably look well and healthy while I'm here looking like I'm in my 40s with a few grey hairs Lou looked at me .
" as soon as they open the door you can say bye and leave " he said I nodded I'm trying my hardest to keep the tears in Lou noticed and pulled me into a side hug the door opened to reveal everyone standing at the door they smile at Lou but then they notice me and they look shocked but really happy vi ran up to me and hugged me I slightly flinched when she came in contact with my stomach she quickly pulled away and examined me but got pulled back by ruby a girl that Harry has started talking to Lou told me about it .
" what's with the suitcase it's your time of the week can't you afford to look after him" she said in a bitchy way my eyes slightly blured Louis tensed up beside me so I took that as my time to leave I turned to Lou with everyone still watching Lou pulled me into a hug .
" I'll help as much as I can and I will miss you so much mum " Lou said pulling away I looked up at him .
" I will try my hardest to get you back but in the mean time be good and ill see you in a while " I said in the corner of my eye I saw everyone looking confused except for ruby she just rolled her bitchy ass eyes .
" aren't you going to come in " ruby joked even though it was a joke I replied .
" no I can't I have stuff to do " I said I gave Lou one last hug and got in the car driving away as soon as I got home I cried my eyes out .
LOUIS'S ( 17 year old one) P.O.V
I walked inside and sat in their huge lounge I just wanted to cry they have everything while my mums in the dirt I shook the thought out of my head everyone else sat down except for ruby she left after mum .
" how are you " Liam asked I sighed .
" could be better " I replied truthfully .
" how's your mum" Dadasked awkwardly he still misses her like crazy and I know that cause he tells me all the time although I don't know if I should tell him the truth or not oh what the hell I got nothing to lose .
" do you want the truth or the cover up " I asked they looked slightly confused .
" truth" Dad said I nodded.
" well it will be easier for me to show you but at the moment she's miserable she still cries every night over you and all the stupid shit you fucking did " I growled Liam stepped in .
" don't talk to your father like that " he said I looked at him. 
" I will talk to him anyway I want . Cause of him is the reason my mums in the dirt " I said they looked even more confused.
" what do you mean by the dirt " zayn asked I guess I'll show them .
" come on let's go to mums this is also the reason why she never can talk to you " I said they nodded and we all hopped In the cars I directed the way and soon we stopped outside a very small house thats paint is starting to chip and peel .
" what dump is this " Dad asked I looked at him angry .
" this dump is the place your fucking son and wife lives in " I growled everyone looked shocked we hopped out of the car and walked towards the house outside on the porch was mum and her lawyer yelling at each other we listened in a couple meters away from the steps .
"YOU TOOK MY BLOODY SON AWAY FROM ME BECAUSE OF MY MONEY PROBLEMS AND BECAUSE OF MY SHITTY HOUSE NOW YOU'RE TAKING MY HOUSE AWAY FROM ME " mum yelled I stood there still listening with the rest jack mums lawyer took a step closer .
" stop yelling " jack said I was half way up the steps with the rest my mum went quiet .
" I'm kicking you out of the house because its no place for a women with cancer " he said everyone froze my eyes filled with tears this is probably why her stomach was hurting I heard my mum gasp I looked up to see her fall to her knees Dad reacted but I reacted faster I was by mums side in seconds I picked her up and took her inside I took her to our room and laid her on the bed she was holding her head in pain everyone was standing at the doorway because there wasn't enough room except for dad he was right next to me rubbing mums knee she groaned it killed me to see her like this she moved her right hand and slightly pulled on a chunk of her hair and it just fell off I went wide eyed so did everyone else.
" mum please let me take you to the hospital" she nodded before closing her eyes and falling asleep but while she fell asleep I made a promise to myself to care for her intill she's better. 


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