triplets (harry styles fan fiction)

what happens when ella falls in love with her step-brother after her mum gets engaged to des styles (her new step-dad) will they continue with there love life or will there love go unattended read to find out more :)


5. second day at the new house

*Ella's POV*


"Oh my god shut up stupid thing"

I lifted one eyelid and realized it was just my alarm so i hit the snooze and got up for the day i went to the bathroom and did my make up consisting of foundation, eyeliner, and mascara. Then i walked in my closet and put on a black tanktop with my leather jacket, a pair of black ripped skinny jeans, and black combat boots. Last i went to the bathroom and brushed my hair and straightened the wavy peices se i have almost straight hair this is what it looks like:

( i found this pic she would never wear that so yes just look at the hair)

Now im ready for school oh and its monday ugh i hate mondays they are the worst of all. But im hungry so im gonna eat so i walked down stairs to see edward asleep on the table so being me i slapped him in the back of the head super hard and he fell out of his seat. I fell on the floor laughing so hard when i finally got up he was standing over me scouling at me so i gave him a dirty look as in saying im the leader of you no matter where we at. I could tell he understood then because he just smiled and walked out of the kitchen its kind of funny how hes scared of me even though im a girl cause lets just say he dont know how to treat some girl infisize the some he respects older women except one of our teachers mrs. baker. Shes so evil i thought i was but her shes evil and edward hates her. In walks harry and marcel breaking me from my thoughts of course harry would be talking about me he was turned around facing marcel walking backwards and saying "She looks so familiar she had to of been edwards girlfriend at some point i remeber her from some where and im going to find out wha'cha think" Marcels eyes get huge and harry turns around not noticing marcels eyes until his eyes land on me and he stops like i was the awesomest thing to stare at.

"We werent talking about you" he says before he runs out the room.

"Marcel i actually happened to date ed at some point i do remeber meeting harry because he asked for a smoke from ed because he left his" he just nodded and smiled at me and continued to do what he came in here for to eat. I walked out to find harry he acts funny to me when hes around me i dont get it. I walked to his room and he wasnt there so i went to the living room next after searching the whole house i asked edward were he might be he told me they had an old treehouse in the backyard. I went to it and climbed up and he was there setting looking out a window i sat down beside him and said

"harry why did you run its okay i would have told you that me and him dated for a week i broke up with him because one we werent right for each other two he cheated twice three he hit me once but i hit him back thats why he had bruises for weeks because i beat his ass so he knows not to mess with me anymore he was drunk when he did it i just dont like talking about it" I stopped for a second "Because thats the day my brother fought with my mom he was my everything she could have left scares but i pulled her off of him she almost killed him"

"I'm so sorry i didnt know and i should have listened to you i was just scared i made you mad  and it was a little embarrasing because you were like right there"

"Its okay hey lets say me and you run by micky ds to get breakfast and go to school i dont need to drive my car yet have you seen it"


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