triplets (harry styles fan fiction)

what happens when ella falls in love with her step-brother after her mum gets engaged to des styles (her new step-dad) will they continue with there love life or will there love go unattended read to find out more :)


4. moving into the new flat and meeting my new family

*ella's POV*


UGH MUM I WILL BE DOWN AFTER I SHOWER AND CHANGE OKAY??????!!!!! i yelled to my mum.

OKAY SWEETY!!! mum yelled back.

So i got up went to the bathroom and stripped of my clothes and climbed in first applying shampoo to my hair and washing it out then applying conditioner and also washing it out and finally useing my coconut body wash to clean my self with and then getting out from the warm water and into the harsh cold air and rapping my body in a white towel. i went in my room to change my outfit that i layed out for the day because all the rest of my clothes are in a trailor at my step-dads flat. So after getting dressed i got all of my sheets and blankets from my bed and put them in the bag they came in when i got them and put my dirty clothes in a bag then put my showering nessecitys in another bag. I then went and  put on my normal amount of make up because i beleive i look weird without makeup. After putting my makeup on i placed it in a bag to take to the new flat and went to the kitchen with all of of the bags and set them down on the counter and waited for my mother to come down so i set down at the bar and txted edward about acting as if we didnt know each other because if we act like we know each other my mom will know i am in a gang and i dont want her to know and plus im the leader boy would she be mad. I dont know why but she always told me she dont like gangs

our convosah consisted of m-me e-edward

m- hey do not act like you know me plszz mom doesnt need to know

e- why and i will try not to

m- because she hates gangs and if we know each other then she will ask question until we tell her how we know each other and she will find out and thank you and when i get through unpacking i need to talk to you, marcel, and harry k

e- k and were

m- my room i will txt u when i am done we need to talk about this and also bring gemma we need to get to know each other

e- kk see you soon to help bring in the boxes when you get here

m-kk bye


Its so important they know that i am leader of the gang edwards in but first we will have to get to know each other except me and edward of course.

"alright sweety are you ready to go" my mum said.

"yes ma'am i cant wait" i said back.

"well grab your things and we will stop for breakfast" she said.

"okay mum thanks" i said.

And with that we walked to the car and got in and drove off to starbucks when we got there i got a mocholatte and mum got plain coffee and we walked out of the starbucks and went to des's flat to get started unpacking

*skip car ride*

when we got to the house i opened up the car door and climbed out and grabbed my few bags of things that i had that didnt get packed in the trailor and walked inside des showed me to my new room. I walked in and imediatly started to unpack boxes that were being put into my room i started with the box that said breakables and i put them on my shelf that was supllied in my room  which was only pictures of me and friends. when i finally got to the last box i texted edward



Okay i am on my last box but go ahead and come to my room do you know where it is?

To: ella


K and yes i know where its at because we decided were it would be your rooms right in between mine and harrys and across from marcels

To: edward

From: ella

kk see you in ten




After putting away my skateboards on the wall edward come in with harry, marcel, and gemma trailing behind him. They had walked in on perfect timing because i had just finished unpacking the last box which had skateboards. I sat down on the bed and pat next to me for gemma ands said "gemma will you come set by me" she replied with a "yea sure"and sat down beside me.

I asked harry to set in front of me and he come sat there then marcel sat beside him and then edward beside marcel.I looked at all of them and started the conversation. "so tell me about yourselves you guys i would love to know because i have never really met you except edward" i said. "wait you know edward" marcel said. "yea why? doesnt it not surprise you he knows alot of people" i said back. "yea he has alot of friends but i didnt expect him to know you i mean you know?" marcel said.

"well i guess so and there is reason i know him here i can show you better than explaining" i said while lifting my sleve to show a tattoo on my left arm in the same place as edwards.

"so you're a vamp too" harry said.

"no a wolf but im actually the leader of our gang" i said.

"oh i am in a gang too and i am the leader" harry said

"cool what gang" i asked

"one direction"he said

"oh really my brother is in that gang but you're only a five member gang why?" i said

"whos your brother and because we are a singing group"he said

"liam payne and oh"i said back

"really i love him to death he lives like twenty minuetes from here with his girlfriend"he said

"yea and i really didnt know he sang but i havent seen him in years he moved out when i was 14"i said

"wow thats three years"he said.

"yea i know we talk over the phone sometimes but i would love to see him but mum and him arent to fond of each other these days" i said

"oh well i can take you to see him sometimes if you wont" he said

" yea thank you so much that would be  a great idea" i said

"harry we wont to talk to her to you know" gemma said

"sorry guys but i didnt know her brother was my best mate" harry said defending him self.

We continued talking until dinner time i found out that gemma loves shopping and she is very good with fashion, harry loves to sing and he dates alot of girls and has alot of girls that wont to have one night stands but he doesnt let them, marcel he is very strong and all but acts geeky for his cover up, and edward of course the kind thats bad guy style and as for them knowing me i am the bad girl. After dinner i went to my room showered and went to bed today was a tiring day for me and mum and moving in and things once my head hit the pillow i was out

*Harry's POV*

I really like her she is very pretty and what am i thinking about she is my step sister i cant do that can i? no am i crazy but maybe jumaybe she might feel the same  i dont know i think i am losing it i think i might go to sleep maybe i am just dreaming or something so i went and got a shower and went to bed naked as always

*Edward's POV*

i think harry likes her he is acting weird around her but thats her step brother thats weird but i think she likes him too humm i might just go to sleep

*Gemma's POV*

if i didnt know any better i would think my little brother liked our step-sister i dont know maybe he doesnt im tired so im going to sleep


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