triplets (harry styles fan fiction)

what happens when ella falls in love with her step-brother after her mum gets engaged to des styles (her new step-dad) will they continue with there love life or will there love go unattended read to find out more :)


1. intoduction


hi my name is ella i have complete white hair and it is dip-died in pink i have golden brown eyes and i love food.

I am kind of like the bad girl in school you could say i like going partying all the time and going to bars i have a lot of friends.

I  live with my mum in cheshire, England we moved here when i was just 3 years of age.

I love to sing and dance i have been in gymnastics since the age of 4.

I am currently moving into a new how with my mum and her fiance des styles yes i know hold the applause harry styles and his two brothers and sister gemma are my soon to be step-brothers and sister.

I dont understand how she stands to live with three anoining brothers.

I am seventeen my new brothers are nineteen and my new sister is 22.

I have a real brother and he is 20 and he lives with his girlfriend twenty minuetes from where we will be moving to with my soon to be step-dad.

There is something most people dont know about me and that is that i am.............

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