triplets (harry styles fan fiction)

what happens when ella falls in love with her step-brother after her mum gets engaged to des styles (her new step-dad) will they continue with there love life or will there love go unattended read to find out more :)


2. I AM............

*Ella's POV*


There is something most people dont know about me and that is that i am.........

A WOLF!!!!

yes i am a wolf and only a couple of people know it might sound crazy and all but i am kind of like jacob and the rest of the pact off of twilight and all but there are some things different as for instance when we get a new tat when we change into wolf form where the tat is our coat changes in that spot to a different color. It is very cool because the more tats you get the prettier you are in wolf form. I actually have a lot of them mainly along my arms, back, and chest except my boobs area because of course i am a girl and i dont let everybody see evrything so yea. Another difference is that we dont have much history with bad vampires mainly good in our pact. We do kind of relate to the book we can imprint on someone like them and we have a tat for joining but most of us were born this way not many know about us so not many join in. We are very fast runners in both forms so we play alot of sports all the time we ALL work out lifting weights and things.

Some of the people we hang out with are not wolfs they are just normal but we all have tats in our gang even if we are not wolfs there are a couple of us that are vamps and not wolfs all together in our group of twenty there are six wolfs and four vamps and ten real people we have one that really knows what we ten are and he is planning on becomeing one of us soon(he wants to change to a vamp but the reason y he hasnt changed is he is still deciding).enough about that anyways i got to continue packing i havent finished. oh and if you are wondering my moms a wolf but des my step dad hes a vamp and his son edwards a vamp hes in our group, harry is a wolf by his mum, and marcel well he is a mix(its kind of wird but he can turn into a wolf and he just has vamp traits like speed, reading minds and things), but emma she is a wolf too.Its kind of weird but i guess they got there mums traits mainly except edward hes fully like his dad and marcel half way. Now since i am through packing i am going to run these down stairs to put in the trailor to carry to the new house.

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