Maya Cooks Biography

The biography of maya cooks is a true story.


1. Maya's First Class

Maya Was Soo Excited To Go To School That Morning. When She Got There She Made Lots Of Friends With Guys And Girls. She Was Responsible Respectful, Safe And Kind. Even If She Wasn't Old Enough To Know The Word Kindness, She Knew It Was A Good Thing To Do And To Learn. She Enjoyed Helping People Who Don't Know What To Do. She Was That Cute Chubby Loving Kid That Lived in The Neighborhood, With A Open Heart. I Still Remember The Day I Went To The Firefighter Department With All My Friends, And The Teacher. It Was The Most Exciting Experience To Ever Witness. It Was So Amazing And Extrordinary, And Wonderful. I Still Wish I Was That Age, But Now I'm Older And Not That Bright Like I Was At That Time, I Guess I'll Never The Same Again.
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