Does he know

Hi I'm phoebe and in Niall horans little sis


1. school

Hi my name is phoebe and I love music I love one direction emblem three Kesha Demi Miley I don't like that much country but I love hunter Hayes anyway I'm 16 wait did I tell you I'm Niall Horan little sister that's right but I'm a punk I love pranks I'm stub urn and if anybody makes fun of me my hand or my family you will get fucked up. My best friend kaylee she rules she is just like me but more pretty every guy wants her and I'm just a waste of space that's what people tell me but I say fuck off. Niall is coming home today and with a surprise so I am going to get ready I go to my bathroom and I get a shower and I get out of the shower wrap a toil around me and go to my closet and pick some paint splatter skinny jeans and a crop top that says YOLO and I straighten my hair and I walked down stairs and I was hungry so I got me a bowl of chips and my phone went off it was Niall so I awnsered it and what's up Nialllll he said I am in the drive way with your surprise I say ok will I scream he said probubly I say ok and hang up and put my I phone in my dock and turn on best song ever and sing and dance this is my jam I was singing at the top of my lungs and dancing so stupid and Niall walked in and said hey phe I said hey ni and he said turn the music down so I did and he said are u ready for your suprise I said ok and KEATON DREW AND WESLEY WALKED IN THE DOOR I screened and hugged Niall and said omg omg you are the best big bro Eva and he just laughed and I walked over to keaton and Wesley and Drew and I said hi and Wesley said Niall she is even mor beautiful than you said then keaton says aw she's blushing she is so cute I run up to my room and scream in joy and I hear foot steps so I hide behind the door I look through the crack of the door and it's keaton so I say Keats and I walk out of behind the door and he hugged he I was shocked and he kissed me and I pulled away and ran downstairs and saw Niall and said Niall can me and you go to the mall he said why I said I want to spend time with you he said ok keaton you are on charge of the house ok Keats yelled ok and me and Niall walked out of the house and got in the car I put myear buds I and started lisning to alive by one direction it's my jam and we got to mall I said hey I need a swim suit he said ok and we go in forever 21 I got a bikini that was paintsplatter and we got home and I screamed who want to go swimming I heard keaton drew and welsey say together I do and they ran down stairs and I said hey you can barrow nialler swim trunks to them and they got changed so did I and I walked out side and I saw the boys keaton and Niall were having a splash fight Wesley and Drew were playing Marco Polo did I say that our pool is huge. And when I walked out Niall said hey phe is out finally I gave him a death glare I am insacure about my body j think I'm fat but Niall says I'm not so I get in the pool I swim to the diving bourd I get on it and do a back flip into the water and I heard clapping and I got out of the water and sat on the trampoline and I heard Niall scream hey I should invite the boys u say ok and he got out of the pool and walked into the house and I called kaylee and dated hey want to hange btw bring your swim suit and she said ok and hung up the phone and j heard kaylee scream phoebe I ran to the front door and hugged her I said ok you won't beileve who is in the back yard she said who I said emblem three she screamed no way I said yes way and she took off her close reveling her bikini and we walked out side and she giggled Whalen she saw Wesley that's her fave and Wesley winked and I just bristled out laughing

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