my lost love

5 years ago was the worst day of Anna Brights life, she had to leave the two people she cared about the most... Maura and Niall. they had take her in when she was only 5 and she lived with them for 6 years until one day her parents found out where she lived, and she had to leave.


2. the familiar voice

Anna's POV

"ANNA" was all i could hear in the silent day, i looked over to see where the familiar voice was coming from. as soon as i saw him a smile tugged at my lips 

"Niall?" i asked, the smile not fading. his big smile was showing again, god how much i missed that smile over these 5 years, he ran over to me as fast as he could, i jumped up and ran over to him we met in the middle and shared the biggest hug possible, i missed this. 

"Anna i have missed you so much, every night i have been looking for you" he told me, but i told him not to in the note i left him, i hope he found it 

"but i wrote you a note saying you shouldnt because i would be here" i told him looking up into his blue eyes 

"i know. i mean, i have been looking for you ever since i had gotten to London. and No it wasn't just to look for you. im in a band now, were pretty famous" he smiled at me, i smiled back and hugged him again 

Louis' POV

"Louis? wheres Niall?" i heard Harry call me, i looked over at him, he was walking out from the hallway of our shared flat 

"he gone to look for that girl again, i wish he would tell us more about her so we know why he's looking so hard" i explained to Harry, he nodded his head and sat down with the rest of the boys, i looked down at my phone and noticed he has been out for 2 hours now, i dialed his number and waited for him to pick up 

"hello?" he asked into the phone, he obviously didnt look at the caller ID again, i could hear a lot of chatter in the background and some girl laughing close by 

"hey mate, haven't found her?" i asked assuming he was in the pub again, that where he always went when he couldn't find her but because he was to young to drink alcohol he would just have a coca-cola    

"No, i haven't found her mate. I'll be back soon ok?" he asked sounding upset 

"ok mate. see ya" i called down the phone and ended the call, i looked over to the rest of the boys and shook my head "he still hasn't found her" i told them 

Anna's POV 

"so we were all ontop of each other in this massive pile just because Louis took the remote control" Niall laughed making me laugh, he had been telling me stories about him and the boys whilst we were on our way to the pub to have a couple of cokes, we had not long sat down when his phone started ringing "speaking of the devil" he laughed, he answered the phone with me still laughing in the background "hello?......No i haven't found her mate." he told Louis then looked at me and winked putting his finger up to his mouth "I'll be back soon ok?" he said then put his phone back in his pocket 

"what was that about?" i asked him 

"Louis wanted to know if i had found you, i had to tell them i was looking for you because  i was out every night looking, but i haven't told them to much"  he smiled at me, we had a few more drinks then got in a cab to his shared flat with the boys. 

Niall's POV

Me and Anna had a few more drinks before we left to go home, i wasn't leaving her again, i was surprised to hear that Anna still has her Strong Irish accent and that it was still as strong as the day she left "oh Anna, i forgot to say, happy birthday" i told her giving her a hug 

"thank you Niall, im surprised you still remembered" she laughed hugging me back 

"are you kidding me and 'Mummy Maura' as you used to call her would light a candle every year on your birthday" i laughed 

"oh... how is mummy Maura?" she asked me, i liked it that she still called mum 'Mummy Maura' it was really nice 

"she's fine, shes really happy that i have made new friends and is now in a band with them" i smiled "oh that reminds me, i need to tell her that i have found you" i smiled even bigger, glad that i had found Anna after all these years, i pulled out my phone and dialed mums number "hey mum how are you?" i asked her as she answered the phone 

"oh im good love, miss you lots though" she replied 

"i miss you too but i have some really good news" i told her with a smile on my face 

"and whats the good news?" she has asked me, i gave the phone to Anna and told her to say hi 

"hey Mummy Maura" i could see Anna tearing up "its ok, im crying too" she laughed, i knew my mum would cry, she missed Anna a lot "dont feel stupid" she laughed again "i have missed you Maura" she said down the phone "well hopefully one day i could see you again" she laughed then looked at me "should i pass you back to Niall now?" she asked "ok bye Mummy Maura, i love you" she laughed then passed me the phone 

"hey mum" i smiled i could hear she was still crying 

"you found her Niall, oh i forgot to tell her happy birthday" she remember and laughed which made me laugh, i passed the phone back to Anna quickly 

"she forgot to say something" i told her as she looked at me confused, she put the phone to her ear and smiled as Mum told her happy birthday 

"thank you" she smiled, me and mum had a bit more then me and Anna got to the flat 

"ok mum i need to go now, speak to you soon, love you... Anna mum says bye and love you" i looked over at Anna 

"bye Mummy Maura and love you too" she smiled 

"she said bye Mummy Maura and love you too" i laughed and hung up, i thanked the taxi driver and gave him the money, i walked into the flat with Anna right behind me "hey boys" i called sadly, turning around and winking to Anna 

"Hey Ni, no sign of her?" Zayn asked walking out and looking at me taking a while to acknowledge Anna's presence "OH MY GOD!!! is that her, are you Anna the one he has been looking for, for how long" he shouted loudly making the rest of the boys run out.

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