my lost love

5 years ago was the worst day of Anna Brights life, she had to leave the two people she cared about the most... Maura and Niall. they had take her in when she was only 5 and she lived with them for 6 years until one day her parents found out where she lived, and she had to leave.


1. flashbacks

wrapped up in my Raged old blanket, i lay down on the cold hard Concrete floor in London, thinking back to the worst day of my life


"good bye mummy Maura, im going to miss you. so Much, thank you for taking me in when i needed it most" i told Maura as i gave her the last hug i will ever be giving her, i walked around the house and found Niall "im leaving now Niall" i told him, he walked up to me slowly and gave me a big hug 

"i dont want you to go Anna" he told me, i looked up to him; we were both crying, i didnt want to leave but i had to. 

"i dont want to leave either but i have to its for your own safety.... yours and Maura's, i wish i could stay, i really do, i will miss you Niall" 

*flashback ended*

those were the last words i had ever said to Niall and Maura, but i wish i had told them more and told Niall what i wanted to say. 

Niall's POV 

not long ago i went on the x factor as a soloist and now im here with these four amazing guys Louis,Harry,Zayn and Liam, since i have been in London i have been out every night looking for that one person that i cared about the most in my life, the one person that left me 5 years ago. Anna. 


"hey mum, what we having for lunch, its smells delicious.... wheres Anna place ma---" i stopped what i was saying when i remember she was gone "i've had enough of this, we have been looking for her for about a week and we cant find her" i told mum as i sat on the chair crying 

"i know, but we'll find her and we will bring her home, her parents know shes not here anymore so we can do that now with out the risk of us getting killed" my mum told me as she came over to me and put an arm around my shoulder, i got up slowly and walked up stairs, i wandered past my bedroom and past mums and walked into Anna's Bedroom. the room hasn't been touched since she left, apart from when i ran into her room and cried until i fell asleep to her sweet scent. i look over to her bedside table to notice her phone still there how did i not notice that last time? i asked my self i was probably crying to much to notice it i say again to myself as i lean over and pick it up, i unlock her phone and straight away a message comes up 

Niall, im sorry i had to leave, i didnt want to and you need to believe me on that, if your mum didnt bring me into her home that night i would probably still be on the streets living the shitist possible life ever, dont go looking for me Niall because i wont be in Ireland anymore, i have enough money saved up for a one way ticket to London and please dont come looking for me in London either because i want you to stay home and look after Mummy Maura, do it for me because i know you want to come find me... i know you Niall but you never know if my parents are following you, and if they are they will kill me and you both. I love you Niall, i always have and i wish someday we will meet each other again 

              Anna xxxxx

reading this made me cry even more, i walked downstairs to mum with Anna's phone in my hand "theres no point looking for her mum" i say staring at her phone tears strolling down my cheeks "shes left Ireland, she saved enough to go to London and shes gone" i cried, mum walked over to me and hugged me 

"its ok Niall, you will get to meet her again one day, i promise" 

*flashback ended* 

tonight i was determined to make that promise become true, and hopefully tonight, not just because i have been looking for her since i got here in London but because tonight is her birthday and seeing as i am not longer on X factor i have all day to look for her, i got a taxi to the Airport and walked to Area's Close by, i walked to some flats close by that didnt look to welcoming and thats when i saw her shivering in the snow on a front door step. 

*flashback (day her Parents found her)*

"hey Mummy Maura, mmm that smells good" i heard the voice of a familiar Anna Bright coming from the kitchen 

"thank you Anna, im sure you would like some then" Mum laughed 

"of course i would, i love my food more than Blondie does" i heard her laugh, i snuck up behind her 

"thats Impossible" i told her making her jump, she turned around quickly and gave me a hug 

"no its not and dont do that again that made me jump" she laughed whilst her head was buried into my chest, i hugged her back laughing 

"ok, i have noticed you do like your food a lot but i don't know Goldilocks, what do you think mum does she like her food than me" i asked mum and Anna turned around and faced her, mum nodded her head and Anna turned back around poking me in the belly 

"see i told you" she laughed then hugged me again "and i forgot to say... good morning Blondie" she said cheerfully, i checked my watch 

"dont you mean Good afternoon" i laughed, she ran away and came back with her phone laughing and correcting herself, Anna sat down at the Table and i heard the door knock so i walked over to it and didnt recognize them "do you want my mum?" i asked them 

"i dont care, i just want my fucking slut of a daughter and i know shes here, her names Anna Richards"  the man at the door asked me 

"there is no Anna Richards here, sorry" i told him trying to keep calm 

"oh that fucking bitch, she's changed her name hasnt she?" he asked me but i couldnt keep calm anymore

"you know what? STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM THIS HOUSE" i shouted at him and slammed the door, i heard them walk away and drive away then i heard something that sounded like some one skipping over to me, then i felt someones arms around my shoulders 

"was that Sarah?" i heard Anna's thick Irish accent say from behind me, Sarah was my ex-girlfriend, i turned around so i was facing her and hugged her back 

"worst" i told her 

"how could it get any worst that her?" she asked me looking confused 

"you never told me your real name was Anna Richards?" i asked her trying to get of the subject because i knew what she would do when she find out it was her parents that was at the door

"yeah, i asked mummy Maura if i could change my last name when i was 8, how did you know tha--- it was my parents wasnt it?"  she asked looking up at me

"how come i never knew about this?" i asked again

"Niall, answer me please" she told me with tears streaming down her face, i knew she knew that answer with out me answering, tears were now streaming down my face and all i could do was nod my head, she hugged me again so i hugged back 

"your going to leave arnt you?" i asked her, all she did was nod her head softly and that sent more tears down my face, a month later Anna was saying her goodbyes to us and once she left i ran up stairs to her room and just lay there crying 

*flashback ended*

i ran over to her "ANNA" i shouted, she looked my way and a big smile appeared on her face 

"Niall?" she asked still the smile showing on her face

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