my lost love

5 years ago was the worst day of Anna Brights life, she had to leave the two people she cared about the most... Maura and Niall. they had take her in when she was only 5 and she lived with them for 6 years until one day her parents found out where she lived, and she had to leave.


3. Anna this is the boys, boys this is Anna

Anna's POV

"OH MY GOD!!! is that her, are you Anna the one that he has been looking for, for how long?" a black haired boy shouted making three more boys run out, i looked up at Niall confused he walked over to the boys 

"Anna this is Louis, he likes his stripes" he pointed to a quite cute looking boy, well all the boys looked cute, there wasn't one bad looking boy "this is Harry, the curls" he ruffled his Hair "Liam, the one with pink hair straighteners" he laughed making me laugh "and Zayn, the one that just got a bit exited" he pointed to the black haired boy that had just been shouting 

"hi nice to meet you, im Anna" i told them, they looked a bit shocked then replied 

"hi Anna Nice to meet you" they all said in unison making me giggle

"Niall are you sure shes just a friend, she looks like you but a girl" Liam asked Niall walking over to him 

"no mate i definitely know she is not my twin" 

"how do you know that?" 

"because her birthday is a day before mine" he laughed, they all looked over at me and wished me a happy birthday i said thank you then Niall took me upstairs and gave me some of his clothes to wear, once i had gotten changed i walked downstairs and sat next to who i think was Harry 

"Harry right?" i asked as i sat next to him 

"The one and only" he joked

"so whats Niall told you about me?" i asked him, he turned around so he was fully facing me

"he told me that something happened, i dont know what, and you had to leave and he hasnt seen you for 5 years but you were brought into his home when you were 5 years old because of something else.. again i dont know what. and that you guys were only 11 when you had to leave and im not supposed to tell anybody this but after you left he has been suffering from depression but didnt let anyone know" i let a little huff out and smiled at him 

"thanks Harry" i smiled again 

"thanks for what?" he asked

"telling me the truth" 

"its fine" he said and hugged me, i knew i could trust these people so i was comfortable giving Harry a hug

"getting friendly already are we" i heard an Irish accent say from behind me, there was only two people with an Irish accent and that was me and Niall so i knew it was him 

"Niall are you getting jealous?" i laughed not turning around 

"noooooo" he joked about, i got up and gave him a hug

"here you go Niall, no more reason to be Jelly" i laughed and could hear him laughing too 

"i missed you and your crazy ways Anna" he laughed 

"your more crazy than me 'tupid" i poked his belly, me and Niall sat down together and the rest of the boys soon joined us and we spent hours chatting, but not long after i fell asleep. i was in the middle of a dream when i could feel myself getting picked up, i opened my eyes to see Niall carrying me upstairs, he smiled down at me and i smiled back, he place me on what i think was his bed and went to leave "where you going?" i asked him 

"downstairs, i will sleep on the sofa" he told me, i moved over and patted a spot next to me, he sat down next to me and we talked for a bit 

"share a bed with me like we used to do all the time" i told him and he smiled and climbed in the bed, we both cuddled up to each other and stayed in silence for a while "Niall?" i asked hoping he was still awake 


"did you.....did i.... did i cause you to have depression when i left?" 

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