My step-brother [Punk Niall Horan] {16+}

Melanie is the 'good girl' well that's what everyone makes her out to be, which she grows to hate.

But what happens when Niall Horan, the dangerous one, becomes her step-brother. And what if they become a little to close?


9. Chapter 9

My eyes quickly shot open while I sat up. A deep sigh in relief as I realised I had been dreaming. "Shut up and go back to sleep." Niall mumbled sleepily into his pillow and I quickly got up."I'm going to my room." I said quickly before speed walking towards my room. I glanced at my clock and saw it was almost twelve so I hopped into the shower and thought.

I have to forget about Niall. We are never going to work out anyways. He might become my brother. I started to think and got ready. After being done I glanced into the mirror one last time.

I stole my mums car keys and drove towards my destintion. Once I arrived I rang the doorbell, waiting for someone to open it and once it did I put on my best fake smile. "Oh hey Melanie. I haven't seen you in like two weeks." The girl greeted and I nodded. "Yeah I'm sorry I just found it a little awkward ya'know but anyhow. Is Louis  here?" I asked sweetly and she nodded. "Wait a sec I'll go get him." She told me and I nodded, waiting in the hall while she walked upstairs to get Louis. 

"Hey Mel. What are you doing here?" Louis asked me a bit confused and I grabbed him by the colar of his shirt, smashing my lips onto his and kissing him roughly. He pulled back, a smirk playing on his lips. "What an amazing suprise. Where did that come from?" He asked and I shrugged. "Just kiss me." I said and he chuckled before kissing me again. Hard. "Lots we're going to my room." Louis yelled. "Use protection and be quiet!" She yelled back and I giggled before following Louis upstairs. "Melanie do you want to be my girlfriend? For real this time." He asked and I smiled before nodding and pressing my lips agains his.

Lou pushed me against the door, causing it to slam shut. His lips were still pressed against mine as we layed down on the bed, Lou switched us around so that I was now on top and gripped my bum fermly. We kept making out for a while when the door swung open. "Lou I'm ho-" I quickly got off of Louis who was a bright red shade. "Mom... this is Melanie..." Louis said awkwardly and Louis' mum started smirking. "Is this really THE Melanie?" She asked and I shot Louis a confused look while he turned an even brighter shade of red. "He's been talking about you ever since te first time he came to your house. You're Niall's little sister right?" A smirk grew on my face and I turned to Louis. "Aww you've been talking about me even before we were together." I said in my baby voice while pinching his cheek. "Babe stop." He mumbled and me and Louis' mum laughed. "I'm Johannah by the way." She said and I shook her hand. "Nice to meet you Johannah." I smiled and she smiled back. "Just between the two of us. I'm happy you're nothing like your brother." She said and I giggled. "Step brother. And so am I." We both laughed. "Well now that you're here anyways. Would you like to have dinner with us. The plan was to go out for dinner but you're welcome to join us." She said and before I could even answer Louis did for me. "She'd love to. Won't you babe?" I giggled and nodded. "Why not." Johannah smiled and nodded. "I'm going to head home then so that I can pick an outfit and everyting." I laughed and Johannah nodded understandingly. "We'll pick you up at half past five." She informed and I agreed. They walked me to the door and I pecked Louis' lips before giving Johannah a hug. "Bye Lottie!" I yelled before leaving the house and hopping into my car before driving home which was about thirty minutes away which meant I was home around three.

I hopped into the shower quickly, doing the usual shower routine. I glanced over at my clock. 15:39. I wrapped the towel tightly around my body before making my way to my closet and standing there for forever. After I had finally chosen an outfit I glanced at the clock again. 16:59. I've been searching for an outfit for over an hour and I eventually didn't even choose anything impressive. 

I had slid on the black and red plaid skirt, black shirt, black wedged heals with black little bows on the toes I moved to the bathroom again, blowdrying my hair and straightening it. After that I pulled it up in a high ponytail and after a while decided to curl the tips and adding a little black bow. I quickly started doing my make-up and was almost done when the freaking doorbell rang. I walked towards my door. "Niall can you open the door I'm not ready yet!" I yelled and I heard him groan before the door opening. I blocked everything out and added a soft pink lipgloss and fixed everything that had to be fixed before grabbing a little black clutch and making my way towards the stais. 

"Sorry I was slow." I said and pecked Louis' lips while in the corner of my eye I saw Niall tense up. "Bye Niall I'll be home whenever." I said pecking his cheek and following Louis towards his mothers van. "Hi." I smiled as me and Lou sat down. "Hey Mel." Lottie and Johannah greeted and the other three girls looked a bit confused. "Fizzy, Phoebs and Dais. This is Melanie. She's my girlfriend." Louis said awkwardly and everyone smiled at me. 

The dinner was amazing and Louis is truely fantastic. He's funny and sweet but I every now and then I caught my mind trailing of...

To Niall.

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