My step-brother [Punk Niall Horan] {16+}

Melanie is the 'good girl' well that's what everyone makes her out to be, which she grows to hate.

But what happens when Niall Horan, the dangerous one, becomes her step-brother. And what if they become a little to close?


14. Chapter 14

I haven't left my room in a little bit less then a month. I have locked myself in. Every now and then my mother would come in and give me food. Today was the day of my dad's funarol and for some reason I had to speak. I have no phone and I refuse to open my laptop. I just lay in bed and sleep all day. I heard my door unlock and soon my mother entered. "Sweety you have to get ready. We're leaving in an hour." I nodded my head, slowly sitting up. My mom left my room,shutting it in the process as I slowly stood up and made my way to my bathroom. I looked like shit. 

My hair was tangled and I looked disgusting. My eyed were blood shot and my cheeks were tear stained. I sighed before turning on the shower, letting it heat up while I undressed. I lost alot of weight and you could notice it easily. I sighed again before stepping into my warm shower, washing my hair and body. I hopped out of the shower, wrapping a towel tightly around my body.

I slid a tight black dress that ended just above my knees over my head before pulling my tights up. I sighed before grabbing a pair of black high heels and turned to my make-up which I did normally before glancing at myself in the mirror. I grabbed my speach and left my room, making my way down the stairs.


As I reached the livingroom I noticed how both Niall and Bobby were dressed in tight suits. Niall had even taken out his piercings. "Why are they dressed like that?" I said softly and all the heads shot over to me. "They're coming with us, Melanie. Your fathers family invited the whole family." I just sighed and grabbed my sunglasses before following everyone out the house and towards Bobby's car.

"You're so beautiful." A woman. Appearantly my grandmother told me smiling while I smiled back weakly. "Your father missed you loads, sweetheart. He'd always talk about you." She told me and a small weak smile formed on my lips. The priest announced we were going to start and I was sat on the front row, next to Niall and my mum. Many people spoke and suddenly the priest came on. "Melanie Brooks, daughter of the diseased." He spoke and I took a deep breath before walking onto the small stage like steps.

"I'm Melanie Brooks. Or Iglesias as many of you called me." I spoke through the microphone. I glanced over at the coffin and nealy choked as I saw my volleyball coach laying dead still. Tears started to roll down my cheeks before I continued to talk. "W-when I came here I thought I h-had no clue of who my dad was or what he looked like. I didn't know what his voice sounded like, all I knew was that he was my father." I said shakingly. "Now that I have glanced in the coffin and know who he is this hurts a million times worse." I sniffled. "The fact that I only knew my dad as coach Iglesias from school-" I ran a hand through my hair and continued the rest of my long speach. After being done it was my grandmothers time to talk as quiet tears rolled down my cheeks. 

We stood outside, the bright sunlight shining. I had put my sunglasses on again and hugged myself, the quiet tears still rolling down my cheeks. Once the coffin was actually being lowered into the ground I sobbed guietly and felt someone taking my left arm away from my body, holding my hand. I looked to the side and saw Niall standing there, staring at how my father's body was being lowered six feet under the ground. Another sob escaped my lips and Niall squeazed my hand lightly.

Once the ceremony was over I was left there, staring at the grave of my father. Niall pulled me into a hug. I didn't pull back, I just sobbed quietly into his chest. "I'm sorry." Niall whispered shakingly. I heard a sniffle but continued to just hug him. "I've never seen him cry before." I heard Bobby whisper. Niall pressed his lips against my forehead, keeping them there as I quietly sobbed. 

After finally having pulled back from the hug Niall whiped my eyes even though tears were still falling. "Don't cry, baby." He whispered, choking on his words. I just stared at him. "Come on." He whispered before leading me to the car which our parents had already gotten into. 

My head was on Niall's shoulder as the only things heard were the radio and my quiet sniffles every now and then. "We're here." Mom said and I slowly got off of Niall's shoulder before everyone hopped out of the car and we made our way into the house. I was making my way up the stairs when for some reason I stopped and turned around. "Niall?" I whispered. "Yes, princess." He said and I ran a hand through my hair. "Please stay with me." I choked out and he glanced at our parents before turning back to me and nodding. 

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