My step-brother [Punk Niall Horan] {16+}

Melanie is the 'good girl' well that's what everyone makes her out to be, which she grows to hate.

But what happens when Niall Horan, the dangerous one, becomes her step-brother. And what if they become a little to close?


13. Chapter 13

"Do you want to stay the night?" Liam asked me and I shook my head. "I just want to crawl into my own bed and die in silence." Liam gave me a look of pure pitty, making me sigh. "Do you want me to stay at your place than. You know. Die with you?" He said and I giggled softly. "I guess I'll be fine alone." I said pushing myself off of the bed. It was already two in the morning but I really wanted to sleep in my own bed. "Do you want me to walk you home?" He asked smiling at me and I shook my head. "No. I think I need the quiet walk alone." He nodded understandingly and walked me to the door. We hugged tight and I shot him a quick wave. "Bye Liam." I whispered before walking away. "Bye Mel." I heard him say. I took the long walk home since it had more lanterns and was less scary. It was an hour walk but I needed to clear my head anyways. 

I watched as drunk people stumbled down the streets. I rolled my eyes at their silly ness. I bend over to put my hair up in  messy bun before continueing to walk home. I felt like crap and couldn't wait to go home where I could crawl into a ball in the corner of my room and die in silence. It was pretty loud here since there were lots of clubs but I as able to block everything out as I made my way home. I pushed my key into the key hole and unlocked the front door, pushing my back against it so it would close.

Once I entered my house tears started to stream down my face again. I broke down but continued to walk towards my room. I entered the livingroom and was suprised at the sight. "Mom?" I cried out and she got her head out of her hands, running over to me and pulling me into a hug as I loudly sobbed into her shoulder. I tried to keep quiet but after holding in for so long I guess it was impossible. "It's okay sweety, mommy's here." She cooed in my ear. I just held her tighter. "I was worried sick baby. We all were." Mom whispered and I just let out a sob as a response. Not being able to hold back anymore and unable so say anything. "Niall can you please bring Melanie to bed?" Mom asked and I shook my head no quickly. I felt his hand touch my arm and I took a step back and ran up the stairs, locking me in my room and sliding down the door, sobbing with my head in my hands.

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