My step-brother [Punk Niall Horan] {16+}

Melanie is the 'good girl' well that's what everyone makes her out to be, which she grows to hate.

But what happens when Niall Horan, the dangerous one, becomes her step-brother. And what if they become a little to close?


1. Chapter 1

I fixed my dress with a sigh before making my way down stairs. "You look great sweety." Mom squealed, pecking my cheek. "Thanks mom." I said and she smiled. The doorbell rang and her eyes twinkled. She swung the door opened and let Bobby in. I've met him before and he's really nice. "Hi Bobby." I greeted him smiling and he smiled back. "Hey Melanie." He said smiling. "Niall don't be rude." He said. "My wife and I have decided my son Niall is going to live with me because he's a bit... of track.." He trailed of but he was explaining more to me than to my mum, it almost seemed as if my mother knew. 

"Niall James Horan." Bobby said sternly and I heard a car door slam shot. My mother looked a tad shocked and I soon knew why because he stepped in. Niall was a blonde boy with blue eyes. His body covered in tattoo's and he had multiple piercings in his face. I gulped and he looked at me before smirking. "I'm Niall." He said with a wink. "Melanie." I said trying to sound as normal as possible as I put on a warm smile. "I guess we'll start dinner than?" My mother said breaking the awkward silence and everyone agreed as we made our way to the dining table.

I didn't eat alot, nearly nothing really. "We have an announcement to make." My mother said excitedly. "You're pregnant, we know." Niall said annoyed. "I'm not pregnant." She said a bit hurt and I decided to kick his leg under the table. He shot his head over at me and smirked. "We're moving in with you." Bobby said and I smiled at them. "That's great." I said smiling and their smiles grew wider at my words. "You're fucking kidding right?" Niall asked and their smiles dropped. "We thought you'd be excited." Mom said softly. "Melanie was." Bobby stated. "Yeah but she's a goody goody who wwouldn't dare to say anything." He laughed. "Gee thanks." I said faking a smile. He licked his lips while making eye contact before winking. "You know what. Living here will be fun." Niall stated and Bobby and mom smiled wide. "We'll get our stuff from the car then." Bobby said. "But if Niall didn't know he was moving here how do you have his stuff?" I asked confused. "We came here right after I picked him up from his mothers." Bobby explained smiling and I nodded.


Niall's loud music made me groan in annoyance. I got out of my room and swung open his door. "Can you turn the music down." I groaned and he smirked, looking me up and down. "Nice but." He said and I only now realised I was wearing only a loose black muscle tee and my black, lace panties. "Oh my God." I mumbled and tried to leave when Niall walked over and closed the door behind me, grabbing me by my but. I gasped and he chuckled. "You're so innocent." He stated and I groaned. "Am not." I said raising an eyebrow. "Prove it to me and suck my dick." He said and I rolled my eyes. "You're such a dick Niall." I spat at him. "I could also get down at you if that's what you prefer." He said and I slapped him across the face. "I was just kidding, God." He said and rubbed his cheek. 

"Sorry." I mumbled. "Why are you always so innocent and polite?" He asked. "No teenager agrees with everything." He says and I sigh. "It's what everyone expects from me..." I trailed of. "But what do you want?" He asked. "That doesn't matter." I said and he rolled his eyes. "Yes it does." He said with a raised brow. "It's your life." He added. "But I'm affraid of what people wil think of me I guess." I said and shook my head. "Why am I telling you this annyways? Never mind I'm going to bed." I said and turned to leave his room. "I could help you be who ever you want to be." He whispered in my ear but I left his room and went to my room, left to think about what he said until I fell asleep.


I wrapped the towel tightly around my wet body and screamed as I entered my room again once I saw Niall sit on my bed. "Get out." I said holding the towel even closer to me if that was possible. "I'm here to help you." He said and I furrowed my eyebrows. "We're going shopping and we're buying you anything you want." He stated and I sighed. "There is no way I'm getting out of this, is there?" I asked and he shook his head no. I sighed again and walked into my closet, grabbing a random pair of shorts, a white flowy tanktop and a random black cardigan. "Leave so I can change." I said and he threw his hands up in defeat before leaving my room. I quickly slid on a bra and underwear, followed by the rest of my clothes. I also slid on my white converse and blowdried my hair, leaving it in it's normal wave. I didn't wear any make-up because my mother didn't like it so like that I left my room and went downstairs where Bobby and mum were talking while Niall was typing on his phone. 

"Ready to go?" He asked when he noticed me. I nodded and saw our parents looking at us confused and a bit shocked. "We're going to the mall. Can I take your car? Shopping is hard with a motorcycle." Niall stated and Bobbby nodded, still confused before pointing at the car keys on the kitchen table. "We'll be back sometime." Niall stated. "At five." Bobby said sternly. "After shopping we still need to go to our motel don't rush us dad we'll be fucking until at least twelve." Niall stated and I gasped. "Niall James Horan." Bobby said while my mom just looked shocked. "God I was just kidding." He rolled his eyes and grabbed my hand. Bobby grabbed my other hand, pulling me back. "I trust you. Be home by five, please." He said and I nodded before skipping behind Niall towards the car. 


"Grab five outfits you like." Niall ordered as we etered forever 21. I nodded slowly and looked through the racks when I noticed Niall looking through racks too. "What are you doing?" I asked raising an eyebrow. He just shrugged. "I'm picking out five outfits too." He stated and I slowly nodded, hoping he wouldn't choose anything to short or slutty.I grabbed a shirt and smiled at it. My mother would never aprove of this." I sighed and put it back. "Mel take that. Don't think about anyone but yourself. You're sixteen, now's the time to be selfish." Niall said from the other side of the store and I slowly nodded, picking it up. 

After being done I walked towards the dressing rooms. Niall catched up on me and handed me his outfits. I sighed and started with mine.

I slid on the leather pants and colorful shirt, looking at myself. I nervously walked out and Niall looked impressed and shocked at the same time. "This is your taste?" He asked and I awkwardly nodded. I moved on to outfit two, a high waisted pair of denim shorts and a tupac shirt. I knew my mother would hate it but I walked out and Niall smiled. "This is litterally amazing I'm impressed." He said nodding and I blushed before leaving switching to the next outfit, a ripped pair of skinny jeans and a denim looking tie up shirt. I walked out and Niall looked me up and down. "You're fucking hot." He stated, causing an old lady to gasp. I rolled my eyes at him and chaanged into the next outfit. A highwaisted pair of light washed jeans and a black bralet. As I left the changing room feeling uncomfortable and jusged Niall bit his lower lip. "I'll take that as a good thing." I mumbled before changing into my last outfit. A pair of shorts and a black shirt with lace over it, the lace making it long sleeved. I walked out of the changing room and Niall nodded. "Now do mine." He said and I nervously nodded before making my way back into the changing room.

Niall's first outfit was a white flowy shirt with black jeans and I quite liked it. I walked out and Niall smiled approvingly. I smiled and walked back into the changing rooms. The next outfit consisted of a black strapless shirt and a black and red skirt. This is probably my favourite. "Oh my Gosh Niall I love this." I said as I walked out and he smiled. "It looks great on you." He smiled, his snake bites shining. I smiled and tured back. A light washed pair of high waisted shorts was next, together with a black short sleeved crop top and a black and red flannel. I walked out and he looked proud, making me roll my eyes before walking back in. The next outfit was a pair of jeans and black flowy shirt that showed my hipbones, but I liked it. After showing Niall I slid on the last outfit which was a pretty red-ish skater dress with a black leather jacket over it. I walked out and smiled, talking to Niall before changing into my own clothes. 

"I love all of them oh my Gosh." I said as I opened up the curtain. Niall smirked and took the outfits, paying them before I could say anything. "Niall you didn't have to do that." I said and he shrugged. We shopped for the rest of the day, buying me clothes, shoes and even make-up. "Do you mind if I get a tattoo fixed?" Niall asked and I looked at the time. "We still have time." I said and he rolled his eyes, dragging me to the tattoo shop where he asked the man to fill up some tattoo on his sleave. "Is that your girlfriend?" The man asked Niall as if I was not in the room. "Nah, we just fuck." Niall said and I gasped. "Niall shut up, really. I'm his step sister." I explained and the man laughed and nodded, continueing to fill in Niall's sleave. Once he was done he turned to me. "Don't you want a piercing? I think a belly button piercing would look great on you." He stated and Niall smirked. "Yeah she'll get one." My eyes widened since I am terrified of niedles.

After Niall begging me I pulled my skirt down a bit and pulled up my shirt. "I'm holding your hand." I stated, grabbing Niall's hand. Niall chuckled and I bit my lower lip, affraid. "Okay so basically I'm going to clamp the skin with this tongs which will hurt more than the needle going through, okay?" He asked me and I nodded, holding Niall's hand tighter as he clamped my skin. I closed my eyes and felt a pinch. "It's done." The man stated and I smiled, looking down. It looked really good actually."Thank you." I said and the man smiled at me. I payed for my piercing and looked at the clock. "Niall we have to go home." I sighed and he rolled his eyes but nodded as we made our way to the car, putting the bags in the trunk and even a few on the back seat before driving off. 


"We're home!" I announced as both me and Niall walked in with the huge amount of bags, "We're going to bring these bags to my room." I stated before walking up the stairs with Niall behind me. We put the bags randomly on the floor. "Let's throw away some of your old clothes later." Niall said and I nodded my head. "Which school do you go to?" I asked since we had to go to school tomorrow. "I used to go to one at my moms but I live here now so dad got me into the same one as you." Niall smiled. "Great." I breathed. "I feel the love." He laughed and I rolled my eyes. "Not like that but you're about to see how my ex-boyfriend who cheated on me calls me a whore and other names." I sighed and he chuckled. "Want me to beat him up?" He asked and I laughed. "I'll keep that in mind." I said jokingly before mum calls us to come down for dinner.

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