Alive ~Sam Pottorff Lovestory/fanfiction~ (ON A VEEEEERY LONG HOLD)

Allison is just your average 18-year-old girl, but that changes when an accident brings her to meet Sam Pottorff, the YouTube famous boy, with fans all over the world...


2. Chapter Two

Kapitel 2

*Allison's POV*


When I wake up, the sun was already at it's highest point. I look at the clock at my bedside table. 3:14 am. I roll onto my back, and look up in the ceiling. Why didn't I call Vicky last night? I should've. She would have understood, she would have picked me up. My eyes well up with tears once again. I reach my hand up to my cheek, checking it gently. It still hurt. I get out of bed, and go to the bathroom. I almost screamed. My left cheek looks like a patchwork of blue and yellow, and I've got black shadows beneath my eyes. The tears now start to roll down my face again, and before I know it, I am crying on the bathroom floor, with Vicky by my side. After an hour, we are just sitting there in a comfortable silence. Vicky is the first to speak: "What about you take a shower hun'? Then we could go to the mall, I need to get som supplies anyway, and you seem like you really need to get a little away form everything. But cover up that bruise, cause you look ratchet as hell" she sasses me at the last part.I crack a smile and nod. That was a great idea, Vicky always know how to get me in a better mood.
"But what about Sarah?" I ask her. I don't want to leave her behind, especially not when we are going to the mall. She loves to go shopping.
"She's staying at Hannah's for the weekend" Vicky answers. I nod. I get up, and Vicky left the bathroom. After I turned on the water, I quickly undressed and did my business.

With a soft towel around my body, I went to my room and got dressed. I've never really cared about how I looked, when I was going to the mall, so my outfit is not anything too special, but still very comfy. I'm wearing black leggings and a cream knit sweater. For jewelry I grab my long gold necklace with an owl pendant. Makeup is worse. I apply mascara, but that's really all I'm used to. I take my foundation, which I have never used, and decide that it's time to try it. When the bruise is finally covered, it looks like someone smacked me. With a cake. I take it all off, and do a very thin layer, it gets a little better. Even though you can still see the bruise, it's not that noticeable, and the makeup looks natural. I leave my still a little still a little damp, long, red hair wavy, just as it is, but throw on a beanie, that matches my sweater, at the last minute we walk out of the door.

I've always loved the mall. There's just an amazing atmosphere in here. Vicky and I go on a HUGE shopping spree. I think I have just replaced my whole closet. And Vicky was right. Going shopping is really making me forget about what happened last night.
"I gotta go grocery shopping, want to come?" Vicky asks casually.
"Nah, I'll be waiting by the car, the weight of these bags are killing me" I say, almost complaining. Vicky laughs. She has a nice, light laughter, that never gets annoying.
Okay, I'll be back as soon as I can" she says with a smile, setting off towards the supermarket.

As I promised her, I went back to the car. I found a free, nearby bench in a quite crowded area, and seriously, what are all of these girls doing here? I don't know.

I've been sitting there for a good couple of minutes just staring at my phone, when a hand blocks my mouth from behind, making me stand up, and I'm pushed against the concrete wall. Deja vu. I look at the face. Nigel. Fuck.
"You really thought that you escaped from me last night, huh?" he speaks in a barely audible voice "Well you didn't, what are you gonna do?"
I start wiggling, fighting to get out of his grip, but he's strong, much stronger than I am. I let the tears flow. How do the nearby standing people not notice us? I start screaming through his hand, and he looks around, worried. Most of the crowd notice us, but they don't do anything. They just watch. Why aren't they helping me? Do they know who he is, and therefore don't dare doing anything? They all look worried. Nigel turns back around to me.
"Stop screamin' gurl," he says, a little louder this time, but still only I can hear him "they ain't helpin' you."
I wiggle and scream, and all he does is smirk, keeping me locked back against the wall with his strength. He turned around and yells: "Get the fuck outta here everybody!" He looks terrifying, and people start to leave.

"NO! PLEASE HELP!" I try to scream, but it's gets muffled through his hand, and just sounds like another scream. I keep wiggling. He takes hand off my mouth, and I actually thought, that he was going to leave. But instead, he slaps me the same place as last time. It hurts. Like a lot. I let out a full on scream. I'm standing, crouched, with my hand covering my face. I hear footsteps close to me. Actually, I hear multiple. Assuming it's Nigel's gang, I close my eyes, waiting for him to do something to me, waiting for the pain. But it doesn't happen. Instead I feel a pair of gentle hands on my back, and I freak out.


*Sam's POV*

I'm standing in the parking lot of some mall in Utah, waiting for the meet-up to start. I check my phone. Clock says 6:45 pm. The meet-up begins at 7. I look at Kian, my best friend, also a youtuber, he's standing next to me, leaned against the car, just scrolling through social media on his phone. I sigh.
"So you think that anyone's gonna show up?" I ask him, actually a bit worried. There isn't a lot people in the parking lot.
"Sure dude, no one wants to miss out on your handsome face" he says with a smirk. I chuckle, and look past Kian. There is a decent amount of teenage girls gathered at the corner of the building.
"Yeah, I know" I tell him, while acting like one of those sassy girls, and pointing to the group of girls. Kian turns around. Just as he does that, I hear an angry voice.
"Get the fuck outta here everybody!" it shouts. It came from the group of girls, no, behind the group of girls. I am curious. I stand on my tip toes to get a better view over the situation. The girls are starting to move away, revealing a man, or a guy, I would say, struggling to hold a wiggling girl from running away.
"Whoa dude, look at that!" I say, keeping my eyes locked at the guy's back. Kian looks up at me, then follows my gaze to the guy. His eyes widens.
"Dude!" he says, sounding like he's panicking, and slaps my arm, "We gotta help!" He sets of running towards the building, and I follow him, going full speed to catch up with Kian. He stops behind a car. Perfect hiding spot. I join him. I can now hear the girl's scream. I look at Kian, overwhelmed. I move my attention back to the guy, just in time to see him smack her. Hard. She screams in pain, and crouches up against the wall. This is where Kian snaps. He sprints forward, and grabs the guy's shoulders from behind and jerks him back. Him being caught off guard, he falls on his back, hitting his head against the concrete floor. Passes out.

At the same time, I run to the girl. She is keeping her head in her hands, sobbing. I slowly and gently put my hands on her back. She screams as she sinks onto the floor, pull her knees to her chest, and buries her face in them, crying uncontrollably.

"Hey, shush, it's okay" I whisper, but it's hard to keep the panic from getting into my voice. She freezes at the sound of my voice. I kneel beside her. I gently grab her head between my hands, and try to tilt it back. I succeed.


*Allison's POV*

He gently tilts my head back, and his eyes lock on mine. My heart flutters. Electricity in the air.
"You' okay?" he asks softly. I nod. Be tough, Allison.
"Sure?" He looks at my cheek, worried. I nod again, and look down. I can't hold back my tears.
"Hey," he says, as he wipes one off with his thumb, "it's going to be fine! He's not gonna bother right now I guess" He smiles at the last part, looking to the side. I follow his gaze. Nigel is on the ground. His eyes are closed, but he's still breathing. I chuckle, and look at my 'rescuer'. He's actually kinda cute. He has a round face, a round nose, dark brown hair, as well as dark brown eyes. I feel like I have seen him before.
"What happened?" I ask, and look wondering at Nigel on the ground.
"That might be my fault," another guy says, he was standing behind me, and I didn't even notice him before now. "I kinda knocked him out" I crack a smile and get up on my feet.
"I'm Kian, by the way" he says, and walks over to us.
"And I'm Sam" the other one adds. I smile genuinely.

"I'm Allison" I reply shyly. My facial expression changes, and I look at them more seriously, "and um... thanks" I add.
"You're welcome, I guess," Kian says, cracking a smile, "it's not like we could stand there and watch you getting beat up."
"The others did though." I say and turn my head after the girls.
"I'm so sorry..." Sam started, but was cut off by Vicky, coming out of the mall. She probably spots my tear stained face and my red cheek, cause by the next moment, she is by my side. She engulfs me into a hug, and I start crying again.
"It's okay" she comforts me. She looks at Sam and Kian.
"What did you do to her?!" she hisses through clenched teeh. They look surprised.
"I-it wasn't us" Kian says, and points to Nigel on the ground. Vicky gasps.
"But you did THAT?!" she screams.
"Vicky..." my voice trails off. The rest comes in a barely audible voice, that only Vicky can hear: "it was him"


Sooo... I hope ya all liked this chapter! Give it a thumbs up if you want more! Sorry for any spelling mistakes, this is all written on my iPad, and autocorrect is out to get me...

~Stay Beautiful

- Nikoline


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