Alive ~Sam Pottorff Lovestory/fanfiction~ (ON A VEEEEERY LONG HOLD)

Allison is just your average 18-year-old girl, but that changes when an accident brings her to meet Sam Pottorff, the YouTube famous boy, with fans all over the world...


3. Chapter Three

*Allison's  POV*

One of the girls who walked out on me and Nigel had called the police. They came and picked him up, and Vicky took me home. I didn't get to talk to Sam and Kian again after that. I don't even know what was going to happen to them. They probably just disappeared out of my life the minute that I was led to the car. Oh well... I really wanted to them to know, just how much I appreciated, what they did. They saved me. 

My eyes shoot open. It's still dark in my bedroom, but I'm not tired. I glance over at the clock on my bedside table. 6:44 am. Wow. Shutting my eyes, I'm hoping to get at least one more hour of sleep. But it doesn't happen. By the time Vicky gets up at 9, I've already eaten breakfast. I'm sitting on the couch, watching what ever show is on in the morning.

"Someone is out of bed early," Vicky says "I'm surprised"

"I couldn't sleep" I answer simply, not taking my eyes off the screen. Wow, those words came out harsher than thought. She sighs, and sits down next to me.

"You wanna talk?" she asks, looking at me. I simply just shake my head. I don't feel like talking right now.

"Well..." she says standing up and grabbing her keys, "I'm going out of town with Jenna, you can do whatever you want. I'll be back tomorrow morning, just invite over some friends over!" She yells the last couple of word form the front hall and closes the door behind her just afterwards. I sigh, knowing that I don't have many friends in Utah. I never did, but Vicky doesn't know that. I currently live in an apartment near my college in California, and the only friend I have over there, is my roommate Kylie. I always believed in having few close friends, instead of many not-so-close ones. I guess I'm spending the rest of this week alone in my room, since my sister Sarah went away on Cheer Camp, before taking a flight back to San Clemente, CA.

And I was right. I spend the whole week watching TV, not even bothering to go for a run, and texting Kylie. She now knows every little detail about my visit back home, including Nigel, Sam and Kian. My phone is buzzing all of the time with texts from her, waiting for me to come back. Therefore, I decide to leave three days early.

Vicky and I are loading my stuff into the car. When we finish, she turns to me.

"I'm going to miss you Allie," she says with sadness in her voice, "are you sure you don't want to stay?" She pulls me into a hug.

"Yeah, I really feel like I need a change of setting," I say into the crook of her neck, "to get away from everything here" I pull back, and look into her eyes. A clear, light blue, that really compliments her long blonde hair.

"I understand honey" she starts to walk around the car to the drivers seat, "come on then, you've got a plane to catch." I quickly slide in shotgun, and we are on our way to the airport.

I wave at Vicky, going through security, and soon I'm sitting and waiting for the gate to open. I've bought a bottle of water, and I'm slowly drinking it, staring straight forwards. Suddenly, I hear girls screaming. Not the serious scream, more like a fan girlish scream. My head snaps in the direction of the noise behind me. A group of girls, I think there is around a hundred, are blocking the doors leading back to the security area, all screaming and trying to get to the center of the group. I stretch my neck to see who they are trying to get to. And then I see two guys, both wearing beanies and sunglasses, one of them is tall, the other one is a little shorter. 
And then I recognize them. The tall one with the sharp jaw and dark hair, and the other with the round face and round nose. It's Kian and Sam. Why the heck are they being swarmed by girls? That is just too weird. They are cute and all, but how are they THAT popular?

Butterflies start to form in my stomach. I really want to go up to them, but I realize that I might not be able to, when all of those girls are surrounding them right now, so I turn back around, letting the butterflies slowly die. Just as I do, the boarding begins at my gate. I sigh, knowing that I'm not going to talk to them. That I am no different than all of the other girls wanting their attention. 

Ten minutes later, I am sitting in my seat and looking out of the window. The two seats next to me are empty, and I think I'm going to be sitting alone for this flight, which is not really that bad. I am very shy, so the fact that I'm not sitting with strangers actually calms me down. But that's of course not the way it's going to be. Without looking, I sense two people start putting their stuff away right next to me. They talk to each other, and I can tell they are both guys. One of them slides in next to me. I still don't look.

"Hello" he says in a low voice. I hesitate, not knowing if he is talking to me. Slowly, I turn my head. He is sitting there, looking at me. Sam. His face changes the minute he sees my face.

"Oh, hi" I say, not knowing what to do.

"What are you doing here?" he asks, clearly surprised. His lips curve into a smile. A really cute one.

"Going home, what about you guys?" I say, returning the smile. His eyes are brown.

"Us too! You live in California?"

"Yeah, in San Clemente. My roommate and I have an apartment there." Kian sits down on the other side of Sam. 
"Are you kidding?" he asks, "We both live in San Clemente too!"

Wait, what? That is just too good to be true. They're joking, I'm sure of it, but I can't keep the butterflies in my stomach away.

"No way!" I almost shriek. I hope they don't notice. They both start laughing, I blush and look at my hands, that are folded in my lap. The seatbelt sign turns on, and we buckle up. Within minutes, the plane takes off, leaving Utah behind.

We talked a lot, and they made me laugh. For a moment, I actually forgot about my shitty week. It is only a two hour flight, but I still managed to fall asleep.

*Sam's POV*

It was about an hour in, that Allison drifted off to sleep, leaning against the window. I just sat and watched her. She looked really cute with her ginger-ish hair in a messy bun. Looking this closely at her, I can tell she isn't wearing any makeup. She also has freckles just underneath her eyes. Kian snaps me out of my trance. I immediately take my eyes off of Allison.

"Dude, what are you doing?" he asks, smirking.

"Nothing" I try to play it off cool, but Kian keeps smirking.
"Nothing!" I repeat, a little louder this time.

"Okay" he puts his hands up in defeat, still smirking like a maniac. I punch his shoulder, a little harder than I should have, but I don't care.

"Owchie!!" Kian almost screamed, looking at me with puppy eyes. I just laughed.

"You deserved it"

Allison wakes up just before the plane landed. We walk together to the baggage claim, where she is greeted by her roommate. A pretty brunette with ice blue eyes. After that, she turns to Kian and I.

"It was nice meeting you guys" she said with a smile.

"Nice to meet you too" Kian said, pulling her in for a hug. I also hugged her.

"Take care" I said over her shoulder. She let out a soft laugh.

"You too" she said, pulling out if the hug, "and uhm... thanks again." I smiled.

"You're welcome" Kian and I answered in unison.

"Bye guys!" she said, smiling, as she turned around and left with her roommate.

I finally updated! Yaaay! I hope y'all liked this chapter, thumbs up if you want more, bla bla bla, again, this is written on my iPad, so please don't kill me if there's any mistakes! I love ya!

~ Stay Beautiful

- Nikoline

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