Blood Oranges Are Deadly (ON HOLD)

Ever since he was ten, Sam has lived his life in Trodger Hills, one of the biggest Dome Cities in the world. While dealing with a hard-partying sister, a demanding school and figuring out what his dreams of a mysterious girl mean, Sam also trains to be a soldier, so he can avenge the vampire who killed his father. One day he is ordered to leave the safety net of Trodger Hills, into the wild, where he is to travel to an abandoned town, and make sure that there is no vampire activity in the area surrounding Trodger Hills. He does not expect to find the girl he has been dreaming about for two months. And he does not expect her to be a vampire.


5. The Girl

I wake up, gasping. There’s someone sitting beside me. I close my eyes again.


I don't dream about the girl this time. Odd. I don't dream at all, and for once I'm happy that I don't.

I suddenly jolt out of sleep, hitting my head on what I suppose is a bedside table, whereas I fall out of what I suppose is a bed.

For a split second I think I'm back in my dome city Trodger Hills, back in my own bed, and that all this was just a really bad dream. But then I hit the floor, knocking the breath out of my lungs, and I know that this is unfortunately real life.

I just lie there on the cold floor clenching my teeth to keep from crying out. Over the headache in my head, I hear footsteps. Then someone trots into the room. I can only see their feet, and the person is wearing mismatched socks. If I had worn mismatched socks to school, I would have gotten at least twenty pushups. Trodger Hills Army Academy is way too serious about the dress code. At the sight of the person’s feet I am reminded of my twisted ankle.

Ankles are stupid.

"Oh my God, are you okay?" a frantic female voice says. I close my eyes again. At my lack of response, she lifts my upper body like I weigh nothing, and positions me on the edge of the bed. I stay like that for a couple of minutes. She doesn't leave me or tries to talk to me at first. She's nice enough I guess. I wonder where I am. Am I in the neighboring town? Is this person someone taking a stroll through the town, seeing me lay there on the pavement?

My headache starts to clear bit by bit, and I open my eyes only to find them staring into another set of eyes.

Purple eyes.

It's her. It's the girl from my dreams. She's here.

I take in the rest of her appearance. Dark blonde hair and pale skin. And there at the side of her neck, almost invisible, are two perfectly round puncture wounds. I realize something my dreams left out.

She's a vampire.

Horror shoots through my veins. She wasn't a vampire in my dreams. I try to move, though it doesn't work when my body won't cooperate with me. I just sit there completely still and tense. She must have seen something change in my facial expression, when she speaks.

"Don't worry, I'm not going to eat you, jeez," she says.

"I... I…" I try to speak, but my throat feels dry. She hands me a glass of water I hadn't noticed on the bedside table before. I silently take it, while she watches me intensely with those big eyes of hers, and I'm slowly starting to feel uncomfortable by her stares.

I gulp all the water down within a couple of seconds, which helps my throat a lot.

“I treated your wound, your ankle, and your head, by the way,” she says. “Not a single scratch left.”

I look down at my leg. First of all, my pant leg is cut off just above my - now fully healed - wound. I press down, and there is absolutely no pain at all. I try rotating my twisted ankle, and again there’s no pain.

“Um, wow,” I say. “This is amazing, thanks.”

"Now let's get breakfast, I've made waffles," she says, jumping to her feet. She's shorter than I'd first thought, she probably only stands 5' foot 3” inches. She walks out of the door, as if expecting me to follow her. I take a deep breath, and then I do. What’s the worst that could happen?

I follow her out the door, down a set of giant marble stairs, and into a kitchen where she finally positions herself in a chair. I take the chair on the opposite side of the table. On the table is a giant stack of freshly made waffles. I quickly shut my mouth, to keep from drooling. My stomach growls in response and I realize how hungry I am. "Eat as much as you like," she says. "I promise you it's not poisoned."

I clear my throat before speaking.

"My name is Sam," I say. I know I can't trust her no matter how nice she seems, but I have to make her trust me, if I am to return home.

“I know, I saw your school ID,” she says. I’m hesitant with the food at first, but then I just give in. We eat in silence for a long time, no other sound than the cling of silverware. I'm eating breakfast with a vampire. I never really thought I'd do that.

“So, how long was I out?” I ask. Curiousness gets me every time.

“About a day.”

"What was it that attacked me outside?"

"A ghost, he must have gotten angry at you," she answers, like it's no big deal. I almost choke on my food.

"A ghost? As in a dead person?" She nods at me. "But ghosts aren't supposed to exist."

"And neither are you. But you do, apparently." This leaves me baffled.

"I really don't know what-" She cuts me off, before I can finish my sentence.

"For the last two months, I've been having these- these dreams about you," she pauses. I just stare at her. She's been having dreams about me. And I've been having dreams about her. What is going on? "And you've had dreams about me as well." She takes another bite of food.

"How do you know that?"

“Eh,” she shrugs. “A shot in the dark assumption.” Another bite of food. How can she eat right now? I stopped eating a long time ago. I shift in my seat. She takes a sip of a thin very blood-looking substance.

“Is that blood?” I demand.

She makes a grimace. "Ew, I don't drink blood. I'm allergic to blood." She lifts the glass. "I drink blood orange juice, they have the same effect." Is this true, what she's telling me? A vampire who's allergic to blood. Not really a believable cover story.

“That’s weird.”

“You should really eat something, starving yourself isn’t going to help any of us.” She gets up, taking her plate with her and placing it in the dishwasher. “Now, go take a shower, a bathroom is connected to the room you were just in. I’ll stop by with some clothes, because you smell. By the way, my name is Adelaide.” She leaves the kitchen. Huh. It's funny to finally have a name on the girl I've been dreaming about. If she really is the girl from my dreams.

And apparently I smell.


Seven minutes later I stand in the bathroom, freshly out of the shower.

Adelaide did drop off some clothes for me. So now I’m wearing a plain black t-shirt and regular jeans. I exit the bathroom, and sit down on the edge of the bed. Where did I put my Tracker? Ah, in my backpack, of course. I begin a new entry.

‘Entry Two.

Yesterday, I arrived at the town Soter and checked it out. It seemed empty, but then I was attacked. I woke up today – one day later – in a mansion. Now here is the crazy part. A teenage vampire girl lives in the mansion, and she treated the wounds I had gotten from the attack. She says it was a ghost that attacked me. I would not advise the military on doing anything, until I have found out some more information.

-Sam Middleton.’

I put my Tracker away somewhere safe, and decide to go exploring. There are a lot of empty rooms in the mansion. Most of them are guest bedrooms with very little furniture in them. After an hour or so, I stumble upon Adelaide. She’s sitting on the floor in what looks like a study, and she’s doing what looks like reading. Her side is turned towards me, and her hair hides her face. She turns her head to look at me as I step into the study.

“What are you reading?” I ask, as I sit down on the floor in front of her. She lifts the book so I can see the front title. Menace. “Is it any good?”

“No, it actually sucks.” She puts down the book.

“Is it just you living here?” I have to ask her a lot of questions. That way, I might be able to get some vital information out of her, even though I don’t know what vital information could be yet.


“What about your family?” Suddenly her face grows dark and she looks at the floor. She takes a deep breath before speaking.

“Well, my father died of lung cancer when I was two years old. I haven’t seen or heard anything from my mother for five years, and I don’t know if she’s alive or not.”

“I’m sorry.” It comes as an automatic reply.

“But I do know that my brothers live in Trodger Hills, even though I haven’t seen them in five years either.”

“They do? What is their last name? Maybe I know them.”

“Our last name is Courtemanche.”

“Courtemanche... I think our doctor is named Courtemanche, though I haven’t been to an appointment in a couple of months.”

“Yeah, that’s my oldest brother Louis!”

“You say you haven’t seen your brothers in five years, right? You know, I could take you to Trodger Hills sometime, if you want?”

“Yes! Thank you, thank you, thank you!” She suddenly jumps up from her spot on the floor, and before I know it, she’s hugging me. Hugging me.

And with that, Adelaide is out of the door again.


Author's Note:

The name Courtemanche is pronounced court-man-shay.

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