Blood Oranges Are Deadly (ON HOLD)

Ever since he was ten, Sam has lived his life in Trodger Hills, one of the biggest Dome Cities in the world. While dealing with a hard-partying sister, a demanding school and figuring out what his dreams of a mysterious girl mean, Sam also trains to be a soldier, so he can avenge the vampire who killed his father. One day he is ordered to leave the safety net of Trodger Hills, into the wild, where he is to travel to an abandoned town, and make sure that there is no vampire activity in the area surrounding Trodger Hills. He does not expect to find the girl he has been dreaming about for two months. And he does not expect her to be a vampire.


3. Journey to Nowhere

I don't want to. No, no, no. I'm going back. But the gate is closed again. Dammit. Why do I have to do this? Couldn't they just have sent out someone with experience? I'm just a kid, why don't they get that? But here I am, going out to an abandoned town, or just a town. I don't really know. I'm going to hike out to that town, and see if anyone's there. I hope not. It's supposed to be a human town but you never really know.

I begin walking with my huge backpack, filled to the rim with stuff I might need for a seventeen hour trip. Seventeen hours on foot. Seven hours to the town, three hours to search the town, seven hours to go home. When I was about ten years old, there were cars, but not anymore. Not since the dome shaped force fields came up all around every major city to keep out vampires. The vampires who were inside the Dome Cities were all put out in the sun were they would slowly vaporize to dust. I don't remember it well, but I have been told what happened.

Once upon a time there was this big group of vampires, who decided they wanted to rule the world. So they went around turning every person they could find into a vampire, who then would turn someone else into a vampire, and so on. Then in the end they would have this super-army of vampires. Pretty sick, huh? So I'm kind of glad not to remember anything from that.

The sun is going down, which is a bad thing, because then I'll be an easy target for any vampire who would happen to stumble upon me. I have sun flashlights, but it's not like they can kill a vampire, they are only a momentarily distraction. My knives can, of course, but I'd rather kill a vampire from afar, than have to get close enough to kill them. And they will probably already have killed me by then, due to some vampire super-power thing.

I'm just going to keep going, because then I might have a better chance of returning home. But they could have sent me at dawn. Like, if you're going to send out a fifteen year old boy on a suicide mission, at least send him at dawn so he would have some sort of chance at surviving, instead of just getting killed within the first couple hours. But of course I'd naturally be the person to send out instead of my classmates, because I've got the highest grades, and I'm the best in my hand-to-hand combat class. So technically I have the highest chance of survival.


The longer I walk, the more I begin to dread my arrival at the town. I could be lucky and there wouldn't be anyone there, or it could be a lone fairy, witch or worst case scenario, a vampire out for stupid teenage male blood.

The sun has gone down all the way now, making the sky completely dark. Without the lights of nearby dome cities, the stars are more illuminating against the dark background.

Frosty December grass crunches beneath my stone-cold feet. I should have brought feet warmers, so I could stuff them into my boots. Wait a minute. Do I have some in my backpack? I can't remember what I put in here.

I kneel on the grass, and swing my backpack from my shoulder. I rummage between the layers of stuff I've filled in here. Do I really need all of this? No. Yes. Maybe. You never really know if you might need a blue colored pencil. I'm such an idiot for bringing all this. Aha! Found it!

I slip off my boots, and my feet almost scream in protest against the icy cold air. I quickly open the packages and break those little floating things inside the feet warmers, and place each one inside my boots. I finally slip on my boots again, the nerve system in my feet slowly returning. I continue to walk forward, determined to be there by dawn.

I miss my best friend already; if Garrett was here he would constantly come up with more of his lame jokes to keep our spirits high. But Garrett isn't here, and I need to get my shit together. I can't be pathetic right now.

Lack of sleep slowly begins to weigh me down, so it's probably a better idea to take a nap, than to keep going and taking the risk of collapsing any moment. I wrestle myself to the ground and pull out my sleeping bag, in which I curl into. Just a little sleep...

In my dream I'm at a giant house, but it must be more like a mansion. The girl is there again, the same girl I've been dreaming of every night for two months now. I don't know her name, but I know she's the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. Her dark blonde hair whips around her beautiful big, purple eyes. We never touch even though she's within my arms reach. She's saying stuff, like how we will meet soon, and I begin to think she's telling the truth. If I ever meet this girl, it will literally be a dream come true. But how do you meet a girl who's only in your dreams?

My eyes flutter open. The sun is beginning to rise. Dammit! I slept for way too long. I pull my Tracker out of my backpack, and write my first entry.

‘Entry One.

I mainly walked today, though I took a nap that lasted a little too long.

-Sam Middleton’

I quickly gather up my stuff, and keep on walking. The sun slowly rises while I walk, and I realize I hate walking. Like, what's the fun in it? It's been around eight hours since I took off, plus the two hours I slept, so I should be there in about one hour if I keep up my stride.

In the distance I spot something gray. A road! That means I'm close to the town. I don't want to be close. But it feels good to have something solid under my feet, compared to the initial frozen grass. I pick up my pace. The sooner I get there, the sooner I can confirm there isn't anything, and the sooner I can get home. Home. That place where your family and memories are. But family dies, and memories fade. And you find a new home.

Oh God, that was depressing.

I finally reach the town after some more walking. It's a small town, but all the houses are big, so it must be some sort of rich people town. Most of the houses look like they must have been built in the Victorian Era, or at least are inspired from that time period. If someone's here, I will most likely not survive this.

Scouting the town isn't as hard as I thought it would be. I had imagined it a lot bigger also. It's first when I turn onto another street, things start to get weird. The house from my dreams is here. This is creepy. For a moment I think I might still be dreaming, but then it would be a very realistic dream. I pinch myself, but that just hurts as heck. What is this house doing here? I spin around to check the girl isn't here too. I don't see anyone. Good. The most logical explanation is that I must be going insane. But insane people never think that they're insane.

I approach the house, eager to find out what secrets it is hiding. The second I lay my hand on the fence surrounding the house, something hits my leg, sending white hot pain through my thigh. I collapse to the ground. When I look down there's a knife besides me. Someone or something threw a knife at me. From where? Whatever, I just need to get out of here now. I struggle to stand, my legs trembling. I haven't looked at the wound yet, and I kind of don't want to. Suddenly I’m hit in the face by what feels like a fist. Only there’s no one there. Something grabs my arm, flinging me to the ground. In my fall I land badly, twisting my ankle, pain jabbing at me. I hit my head on the pavement hard, and my vision begins to darken. Everything I learned in hand-to-hand combat is suddenly forgotten. The thing comes at me again, beating me again and again. A thick warm substance trickles down my forehead. Blood. I think I see an angel standing over me, she's shouting something.

This must be where I die.

I'm happy with dying this way.


I’m not happy with dying this way.

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