snapes daughter

I'm Lillie Snape.I live at Hogwarts with my father.I'm happy but I don't know
much about my family until I got to Hogwarts and I uncover things that I never really thought about before


1. lillie snape

Sev it's a little Lillie 

Fawn there's something I have to tell you about myself..

Severus go get a nurse now I'm losing blood too much blood.And with that she died.

My father took me to a castle where I was the princess.


I saw this memory through the pensieve uncle Dumbledore gave me.I put my own memories

in but one day I picked one from when I was a small baby a few weeks old.It was one of the days

when my father was away.He went away a lot when I was young I wanted to find out



Lillie your nearly eleven  it will be time for Hogwarts soon  said professor mcgonagal

Yes  when can I get my books and stuff for school replied an eager Lillie

Tomorrow hagrid will take you 



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