snapes daughter

I'm Lillie Snape.I live at Hogwarts with my father.I'm happy but I don't know
much about my family until I got to Hogwarts and I uncover things that I never really thought about before


4. history of magic

claaaaassss  moaned professor binns today we will be researching our family trees and our family history.  does everbody have parents or family they can owl.

Yes professor binns replied the class

looking over at harry made me think everyone was happy on  the night when his  parents died everybody was partying not thinking about the deaths of lily and james.

lets take a look at what you have to do to pass this have to have a family tree with your parents and their parents on it.have a letter from the ministry with information about your can do extra work  if you would like to. now students set to work writing letters  to the ministry.


i wrote

dear the ministry of magic

i would like the information page on my father severus snape and the information page  on fawn donatelli

i await your owl

lillie snape


i got an owl  later on 

dear Lillie snape

thank you for your owl

fawn donateli is not magical  but severus snapes file will be sent 

within 5 working days

hoping you are well

Mafalda Hopkirk

My father never really talked about my mother or what happened to her.I didnt now if she was alive or not.Ithought he would tell me that i was a halfblood.Not that i care



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