Wolf's Shadow

A young werewolf named Ghost finds the least likely place to stay. She meets Red (credit to NightBatAngel for this character) and an odd bond is formed.


2. Red's POV

   The blizzard had calmed itself to a mere storm. Of course, in Camp Half-Blood it was always sunny and warm. During winter break, it was mainly me, Leo, Nico, Annabeth, Percy, Ira, Riana, and Astrid.

   Kayoto was probably in his room, watching TV, so I texted Nico, I told him to go to my cabin. Thump, thump, thump. That guy had no idea how to walk like a normal human being... or demigod, I should say. Whatever.

   AROOOOOOOO! GRRRRRRRR! Okay, Nico's pretty weird, but he doesn't bark like a dog. What in the name of Hades is that?!

   Alright, you know you're hallucinating when you walk outside and a huge wolf with wings is knocked unconscious in the grass and a green trident is hovering over its body. The thing began to stir and I quickly got out my sword, Metallis. It snarls, and swipes at the thing above its head. Definitely a Poseidon girl. Don't ask me how a wolf and a god..." got together".

  I slowly approach, courage leaving me by the second. It reaches up its muzzle and sniffs my hand, and I can spot two sharp, long canine fangs poking out of her-yeah, its a her-muzzle. Its either gonna bite, or lick, and you can guess which one I'd prefer.


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