Wolf's Shadow

A young werewolf named Ghost finds the least likely place to stay. She meets Red (credit to NightBatAngel for this character) and an odd bond is formed.


4. Ghost's POV

    "Hzzzzzz?" I groggily opened my eyes, blinking away the blurriness. Nopelts, or humans, I guess they're called, were gathered around me but they wisely kept their distance.

   An odd taste flooded into my muzzle, and as I regained my vision, I saw a human's HAND stuck in my mouth. "HEY! Watch where you put your hand!" I snarled.

   The human scrambled away. It was a female with black hair and a red streak through it. Phhh, typical humans with their unnatural colors.

   "Watch where you put those fangs! Those things could've killed me!" she retorted. I leapt to my paws.

   "At least people don't need sunglasses when they look at my fur. That streak is blindingly bright!"

   "At least I don't have fur in weird places!"

   "At least I have fur!"

   "At least-"

   "Ladies, ladies!" came the smart alec reply. A kid with messy hair shouldered his way up front. I don't see how he shouldered anything at all. The kid was so scrawny he couldn't have fought a rabbit.

   "Chiron told me to tell Red to show the new girl around. Where is the new girl, by the way? Is that her pet?"

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