Wolf's Shadow

A young werewolf named Ghost finds the least likely place to stay. She meets Red (credit to NightBatAngel for this character) and an odd bond is formed.


1. Ghost's POV

   I trudged through the snow, my lame paw leaving a dark trail of blood. I could hear the ugly beasts snarling behind me, lost in this blizzard. Smirking, I returned my attention to the glowing...thing right in front of me. It was greenish-blue, with three pointed tips.


   Suddenly it vanished. Right where it had disappeared there was a large arch, scratched until there were marks all over the place. I limped painfully through it, my head spinning with voices I didn't know. Wolf's shadow, wolf's shadow, watch out for the wolf's shadow.

   Nopelts were emerging from their cozy dens, wanting to know what this odd creature was.


   I...I just...I'm tired. I blacked out into a comforting darkness.





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