How Far We've Become *DIRTY*

Im Claire Bell and im 17yrs old have brown hair grey eyes. Live in Chicago with my Aunt Martha my parents sent me away for a while when i was 14 because i was getting into trouble in school so today i go back to Canada cant wait it'll be nice to see my parents again.


22. How Far We've Become/Worried

'Where are you' he asked 'IHOP don't worry me and Carin are having pancakes" 'Alright see you tonight' 'Okay ��' I sat my phone down eating my pancakes drinking orange juice. "So you and Justin ready for the baby" she asked "Oh yeah he's so excited well WERE so excited but I can tell Justin can't wait for her to come" "Oh my gosh it's a girl Justin didn't tell me that" "Yes it's a girl just two more months and I'll be okay" I said "You'll need lots of rest" "Of course I'll need that" I said "Come on I'm gonna buy some clothes for the baby" "No you don't have to do that" I said "It's on the house besides Justin haven't brought the baby stuff yet" "Oh yeah true but my mom can just buy the clothes" "I insist come on" she said and I sighed "Alright fine but just this once" "Fine" she said we went to the mall going baby shopping there was a whole lot of outfits she bought I couldn't do anything but thank her for it since Justin been so busy he barely have time to buy anything for the baby's room. I went home and got into something comfortable putting on my robe with my slippers the doorbell rung I went to answer it seeing Chelsea one of the bitches Justin dated wonder why she's here. We went into the kitchen and started talking we never liked eachother but I could tell she was trying to make me jealous to win Justin back. "I remember when I dated Justin he was so hot I wanted a baby by him but he didn't want one so I broke up with him cause he was an ass" "Just because he didn't wanna have a baby by you" I asked "Yep I was only 16 we had sex plenty of times when he was dating with Jessica damn she died what a shocker" she said "Chelsea I know what you're trying to do make me jealous but there's nothing to be jealous about I'm carrying his beautiful daughter and getting married next month so there's no need for you to step in my lane I love him okay" "I wasn't trying to get you jealous I was just saying I just stopped by for the hell of it and to see him obviously" she said "Why" I asked "Well you know I'm moving tomorrow and I'm really gonna miss him so I just stopped by" "Mhm okay" I said "Hey babe" Justin said and kissed me handing me dozens of roses. "Awe hey what did you do" I asked "What you mean" "You're always buying me flowers when you do something wrong" I said "That's not true I just felt like it oh hey Chelsea what are you doing here" "I just came by to say goodbye I'm moving tomorrow and I just wanted to see your face" "Oh okay it's nice to see you again" he said "Yeah I agree by the way congrats on the baby you two make a beautiful couple and I can tell that you're gonna have a beautiful daughter" she said "Thanks Chels that's a really nice thing to say" he said "Yeah well bye" she said "Bye" he said she left and I stood up crossing my arms. "Okay whatever that girl told you was a lie I know she told you something cause you always have that look on your face when you're mad" he said "Did you have sex with her when I was banging you" I asked "What you talking about" he asked "She said that you had sex with her when you was with Jessica which means that you were having sex with someone else while we were having sex" I said "I just told you not to believe anything she says that's the reason she came over here to start shit" he said and I sighed. "Stop getting angry I know you're pissed but let's just leave it alone she's a slut that's why I dumped her" he said "You can say that again" I said grabbing the flowers "Oh and Carin she bought the baby some clothes" "Really" he asked "Yeah she just bought them since you were always busy" I said "Tell you what I'll buy everything tomorrow and get it ready since I'm not doing anything" "I wanna help" I said "Uh no" "Why not I wanna help it's a girl Justin" "I know but I'll do it all by myself babe your having the baby" "Ugh so I still wanna help pick out things if it was a boy then I would understand please Justin" I said "Alright fine but I'm paying for everything" "Okay" I said "Hungry" he asked "Mm a little I ate a lot of pancakes" I said "Of course you did damn babe" he said "What" I said "Your ass I've been doing you real good" he said I scoffed and pushed him. "You're such a pervert Justin" I said "Aye it's true you gotta admit" "Mm maybe" I said "You a maybe lie" "Whatever I just can't wait till the baby comes I'm so excited do you think everything will be fine" I asked "Everything will be fine don't worry let's just stay positive for a month or two and see what happens" he said "What if something does happen" I asked and he kissed me lightly "It's not everything looked great during the ultrasound and the check up let's not think like that alright" "I'm just really worried" I said "I'm here with you whatever happens happens I'm still gonna be here for you if something happens we can try again right" "Yeah I guess" I said he kissed my forehead hugging me I hugged back and sighed.
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