How Far We've Become *DIRTY*

Im Claire Bell and im 17yrs old have brown hair grey eyes. Live in Chicago with my Aunt Martha my parents sent me away for a while when i was 14 because i was getting into trouble in school so today i go back to Canada cant wait it'll be nice to see my parents again.


17. How Far We've Become/Dinner with my parents

Tonight is gonna be the night that my parents are eating dinner with Justin I put on my cute dress heels flat ironing my hair throwing a mint in my mouth the door hell rung and I went to answer it. "Hey babe" Justin said coming in kissing me closing the door with his foot. "Babe my parents are here anyways how do I look" "Do I really have to say it" "Mm yes" I said "You look hot" "Thanks that jacket is such a turn on I thought you were going to dress handsome" "Who said that aye babe I'm not here to be fancy to your parents they know me I'm here so your dad can like me and know that I'll never hurt you" he said "Got that right Bieber" dad said coming downstairs with my mom. "Nice to see you again Justin I'm happy Claire and you are together" mom said and I smiled. "Thank you Rebecca" he said "Ugh I'm fucking hungry" dad said walking away with my mom following him. "This dinner is gonna be funny as hell" Justin said "Got that right" I said walking off going into the kitchen when my mom and dad put the food on the table Justin smacked my ass I squealed a little and they stared at me. We all sat down saying grace and eating spaghetti with meatballs and biscuits. "So Justin got any pussy yet" dad asked and we both choked on our food. " I mean yes.. I meant-" "Spit it out" he said "Yes um we had sex" he said "Oh what a surprise not another three some" "No I told you that was Devon" he said "Okay sure let me tell you something Justin you like my daughter you have to prove it not by getting into her pants she really likes you and I want her to have a guy that would always be by her side" "Um sir I'm not like that we love eachother" "Oh really" he said "Yes I mean when we wasn't dating I cheated on my girlfriend with her so I claim myself it was my fault for Jessica being killed but she had a heart attack I was a bad boyfriend to her and I know I wouldn't make that same mistake with Claire" "Awe you really love Claire" my mom said and I blushed. "I honestly do not because we have sex because she makes me feel like I'm a normal person other than being a popstar" "Rich come on they love eachother Justin's really sweet I don't think he would hurt Claire"mom said "Alright fine but if anything bad happens it won't be pretty..Bieber" "Yes sir" he said dad walked out and so did my mom. "Yay he likes you" I said and kissed him. "I gotta get home busy tomorrow" "How busy" I said "I'm going out of town won't be back till Saturday morning" he said "But baby that's two days" "I know" he said I sighed and made a frown. "Don't be sad it's my career i have no choice I promise I'll call you" he said "Alright" I said we kissed a couple times and he left I sighed again and went upstairs. "Why you so down" dad asked "Justin won't be back till Saturday" "Aw poor you" he said I rolled my eyes going up to my room changing getting into bed cutting my lamp off. The next day I woke up I went into the bathroom brushing my teeth having a massive headache the doorbell rang I went downstairs opening the door seeing Justin. "Hey you look really sexy in your lingerie" he said "Thanks I thought you were leaving" "I am that's why I stopped by to see you" "Aw that's sweet" I said and kissed him. "What's wrong" "Nothing it's just a headache that's all" "Oh well feel better" "Thank you" I said he smiled kissing me again. "Justin go before you miss your flight" I said "Alright fine but I'll miss you" "I'll miss you more" I said getting on my tippy toes giving him a peck on the lips. "Go" I said "Okay okay love you" he said "Love you to" I said closing the door taking a big sigh.

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