How Far We've Become *DIRTY*

Im Claire Bell and im 17yrs old have brown hair grey eyes. Live in Chicago with my Aunt Martha my parents sent me away for a while when i was 14 because i was getting into trouble in school so today i go back to Canada cant wait it'll be nice to see my parents again.


3. How Far We've Become/ The Plan

''Ill see you when im off work'' mom said kissing the side of my head leaving. ''Yeah ill go freshen up to'' dad said ''Dad i know what your're doing'' ''Aye im tired of having sex'' he said and i chuckled ''Yeah okay'' i said he kissed the other side of my head and walked off. I finished my breakfast and put on my outfit for today putting on a little makeup and leaving the house just going out for a walk i saw a group of girls walking towards me. Damn i know who they are the popular girls in school when i was going to school here. I just walked past them and just kept on walking. After an hour i went back to the house and layed down on my bed. Then my phone rang ''Hello'' i said ''Yo'' ''Justin'' i said ''Yeah open the balcony door'' he said and i sighed putting my phone down getting up off from the bed opening the door. ''Thanks'' he said walking in sitting down. ''So where were you i tried calling but you didnt pick up'' i said ''Concert'' ''Ooh okay'' i said ''Yeah so did you really mean what you told me this morning'' he asked. ''Yeah..and what did you mean about me being your sex buddy'' i asked. ''Oh nothing'' he said smirking slowly taking my jacket off. ''What are you doing'' ''Shh'' ''Justin no i cant'' i said ''Why not'' ''I-im not ready'' i said stuttering. ''You think i was gonna do it now'' he asked laughing. ''Then what was you gonna do'' i asked ''I cant be a gentleman and take off your jacket'' he said and i gasped. ''You actually cracked me up with that but seriously lets watch a movie'' he said laying down patting the empty space next to him. ''Fine..but no sex'' ''Sure Claire..sure''. We started to watch a movie together Chainsaw Massacre i hid my face into Justin's chest he just laughed at me. ''Not funny'' ''Its actually is..its a movie'' he said ''And i get scared easily'' ''Whatever..this is a good opportunity to have sex'' he said ''No..i told my dad that i wouldnt have sex in his house'' i said ''YOU TOLD HIM'' he yelled. ''No i didnt tell him he was really happy this morning about breakfast asking me was you trying to get some pussy'' ''I actually was'' he said laughing. ''And you're not getting it'' i said 'That's a lie remember our plan'' he said ''Okay yes your gonna cook breakfast for me in the mornings but im not having sex with you till im ready'' ''What do you mean till your ready were not dating so obviously your ready'' he said ''That im not ready to have sex especially with you'' ''Oh i see how you is'' ''What are you talking about i know your ready to have sex and i know you already done it'' i said ''How you know'' he asked ''A little birdy'' i said and laughed. ''You're a difficult person'' ''Awe i know'' i said ''Well fine the plan is off'' ''I doubt it..not till i say its off'' i said ''Hey im the one that made up the plan so i can call it off if we dont have sex'' ''Oh so you cooking breakfast for me and me paying you in return is to have sex with you wow classy Justin'' i said ''I get why you dont want to..because your scared oh the little virgin is scared i get it im never scared..i get it if you dont shave'' he said and i scoffed and pushed him off the bed. ''I shave okay im not scared im just not ready'' ''Yeah right that's what all virgins say'' ''Shut up Justin go hang out with your little friend Devon'' i said ''He's not at home so i just came over to chill with my little sex slave'' ''We havent fucked'' i said ''We will you still have to pay in return so if you want to cut the deal off i guess you dont want to make your parents happy..either have sex with me OR have your parents laugh at your ass'' he said and i crossed my arms. ''Fine..when and where'' ''Now or..tomorrow after school doesnt matter to me as long as i get some'' he said and i rolled my eyes. ''Tomorrow..happy'' ''Sorta..we could do it now but if you want to shave first then its tomorrow'' he said smirking. ''Your an asshole'' i said ''Oh thanks i guess ill be going see you tomorrow sweet thang'' he said leaving i rolled my eyes and sat back down on the bed. 

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