How Far We've Become *DIRTY*

Im Claire Bell and im 17yrs old have brown hair grey eyes. Live in Chicago with my Aunt Martha my parents sent me away for a while when i was 14 because i was getting into trouble in school so today i go back to Canada cant wait it'll be nice to see my parents again.


26. How Far We've Become/ The Game

We got to the game getting out he held my hand going inside getting our drinks popcorn candy and nachos sitting down on the floor by the court. I fed him a popcorn and he fed me a nacho putting cheese on my cheek licking it off "Ew behave" I said throwing a popcorn at him he chuckled and drunk his soda. We watched the game they started to do kiss cam "Awe babe" he said I giggled and we kissed I pulled away he wrapped his arm around my neck I ate a popcorn watching the game. I slowly looked up at Justin and smiled I couldn't believe he was gonna be mines we loved eachother since day one and I'll never leave his side we have a baby on the way also everything's just gonna be perfect. I continued watching the game and we went home going upstairs he was reading a baby book while I was on his phone taking selfies putting two on Instagram. "Whatcha doin" he asked "Taking selfies on your phone I made me a photo album" I said "Oh you're going to far" he said grabbing his phone. "Why you didn't delete the pictures of you and Selena I mean we're getting you still have feelings for her I mean I get it she's your first love you still love her" I asked and he sighed putting the book down. "No I don't Claire she's gone forever I'm in love with you now don't worry about that girl were about to start our lives together with a baby" he said "I know but-" "No buts" he said and I sighed "Come here" he said   putting me on his legs kissing my cheek. "Do you trust me" he asked and I nodded "Yeah" I said "Honestly" "Yes honestly" I said "Tell you what delete the pictures of her on my accounts will that make you feel better" he asked "I already did Justin the fact is I think you're still in love with her" "I'm not trust me I mean being in love is a great powerful thing but I chose you I'm more crazier about you than her anyways" he said I smiled and kissed him. "Sup bitches" Devon said "Hey pervert" I said "Anyways you two are all over the internet the game tonight the video" he said "Of us on kiss cam" Justin asked "That to you see someone did an edit of the whole thing in slow motion so just watch it" Devon said handing me his phone watching the video. "You mofos are in love" he said "No shit perv" I said "Give me my damn phone" he said snatching it. "Hey I wasn't finished" I said "It's on Twitter Facebook Instagram INTERNET look it up a girl I text sent this to me I'll text it to you I guess" he said "Mm I appreciate that" I said sitting next to Justin "Yeah whatever Derek is coming to the wedding he wanted me to keep it a secret but you know I can't keep my mouth shut" he said "Oh my gosh SERIOUSLY" I said "Yes seriously anyways bye" he said leaving "So what do you wanna do" I asked Justin he put the book down cutting the lamp off laying down I got under the blanket and wrapped my arm around him. "Who's Derek" he asked "Just a friend" I said "Alright" he said.
The next day I woke up at 6 taking a shower brushing my teeth going downstairs laying a blanket on the floor in front of the tv criss crossing my legs doing breathing exercise I opened my eyes and seen Justin coming downstairs dressed. "Morning" I said smiling "Morning" he said going into the kitchen I stood up and walked up to him. "Baby what's wrong" I asked "Nothing's wrong" "Oh well wanna do some breathing exercises with me" I said "No..I'm busy today" he said "Oh alright then" I said leaning in he kissed my cheek and walked off leaving the house. 
I went to Alfredo's house going inside. "Sup bro" he said "Yo" I said walking into the kitchen going into his fridge grabbing me some grapes eating them. "What's up with you and Claire she called me when you left to see what's up with you" he asked "Nothing's up" I said "Look she loves you very much whatever it is he can't get it cause guess what you have her you're marrying her you won she's carrying your baby he's just a friend" he said "How you know this is about a guy" I asked "I just know are you still in love with Selena" he asked "No I'm not" I said "Justin if you are then stop you have the one girl that has your back doesn't make you cry or anything makes you feel special and loved do you honestly want to keep loving the girl that made you cry go home and apologize she's a sweet girl did you see the video last night the way she looked at you how she smiled anything like are meant for eachother" he said "I hate you" I said "No you the fact I'm telling the truth go home you're not busy today" he said and I sighed giving him a grape "Well played" I said leaving going home. I didn't seen Claire she came out the kitchen I put the grapes onto the couch walking up to her and kissed her "Sorry about the way I acted" I said "Something was wrong" she said "Yeah but I'm not worried about it anymore I realized something that were here for eachother and nothing's gonna change that" I said and she smiled "Yeah" she said "Come on let's do that breathing shit you were doing" I said "Really" "Yeah" I said she grabbed my hand taking me to the blanket she criss crossed her legs I took my shoes off and did the same we held hands and closed our eyes. "You know Justin when you walked out this morning I felt like I did something wrong I mean I can tell that you're angry and at me even when someone makes you angry you still kiss me you've never been mad at me before is it something I did" she asked "No you know let's just forget about it okay I'm here with my sexy wife and my unborn baby all that matters is that we're here together as a family and nothing can tear us apart" I said kissing her forehead. "Okay" she said "Come on" I told her getting up putting my shoes on grabbing the grapes leaving the house. "Who grapes" "Alfredo's I stole them" I said "Oh so where are we going" she asked "Just doing a little shopping" I said. We got out the car and started walking holding hands till the paparazzi came taking pictures asking a lot of questions 

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