How Far We've Become *DIRTY*

Im Claire Bell and im 17yrs old have brown hair grey eyes. Live in Chicago with my Aunt Martha my parents sent me away for a while when i was 14 because i was getting into trouble in school so today i go back to Canada cant wait it'll be nice to see my parents again.


19. How Far We've Become/ Talking to a spirit

I went downstairs eating me a bowl of cereal Justin came down. "Hey" "Hey" I said "I have a meeting so I won't be back till 12" "Okay you know we've been together for a year" "Yes and I'm happy oh and your birthday is tomorrow" "I know I really don't want a big party cause then I'll end up getting out of control" I said "Well I'll make sure it's not big but you will get something big AFTER the party" he said and I chuckled "Go to your meeting you pervert" I said "Alright fine bye love you" "Love you to" I said and kissed him he left and I finished eating my cereal. I went into the living room sitting on the couch "You and Justin make a cute couple" someone said I looked behind me and didn't see anyone "I'm right beside you" I looked beside me and seen Jessica. "Was it you that said that" I asked "Yeah Justin's happy with you I'm happy if he is" she said "Thanks why are you here" "To straighten things out I appreciate you coming to my funeral with Justin wow two guilty people at my funeral I like that you were being such an ass to me Justin's cousin" she said with air quotes around cousin. "I'm sorry" I said "Its fine i didn't want justin to know I had heart problems it would hurt him more but it really hurted him when I didn't and I died tell him I'm sorry and that I still love him..if that's okay with you" "It's fine and I'll tell him" I said "Good tomorrow he has a surprise for you oh and congrats on the baby it's a girl" she said "B-but I don't know what it is yet" I said "Yeah I know it's a girl" "Oh my god you know" "Of course I'm gonna be around you a lot just to let you know you can only see me people would think your crazy but that's okay you was supposedly Justin's cousin having sex with him that's crazy" she said "Yeah many days are you gonna be around me exactly" I asked "Till I get ready to go..Justin really loves you Claire he really does" "I know I love him to" I said "Great that's all that matters" she said watching tv we started watching tv it was pretty weird to talk to a spirit and talk to a girl that was with Justin and have sex with. Hours passed and Justin came through the door coming into the living room sitting next to me "Hey" he said "Hey how was the meeting" I asked "Good" "Oh...well you know Jessica still loves you and she's happy about us" "I know" he said "She's in a better place Justin" "I know I still can't get over the fact that she's gone" "Yeah me either" I said "You talk to your parents" "Not just yet they've been really busy" I said "Oh yeah they're out of town" "Yeah" i said the doorbell rung and he got up going to get it. "Wow he looked down" Jessica said "Yeah I know um about that surprise tomorrow what is it he's gonna give me" "Can't tell you that but it's really special" she said smiling "Oh my gosh I can't wait" "Yeah me either I'll be there of course and you need to have a big party with lots of celebrities and stuff why don't you have friends" "I don't need friends to have a good time I rather hang out with my boyfriend and his friends I'm kind of friends with his crew" I said "Oh that's nice he's never let me meet any of his friends I guess your more special than me" "Don't say that" I said "Don't say what" Justin asked "Um nothing" I said he sat beside me kissing my forehead then my neck. "No Justin" I said "Why" he asked "Because I um...I feel sick" I said "Want me to fix you some soup" "No no but thanks for offering" I said "Wow you really is special" she said "Stop saying that" I said "Babe why are you talking to the couch" "..Yeah I think I need soup" "Okay hang on" he said getting up going into the kitchen. "Jessica I'm not special it's just he really loves me" "Yeah and he never ever loved me like he does you" She said and I sighed.

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