How Far We've Become *DIRTY*

Im Claire Bell and im 17yrs old have brown hair grey eyes. Live in Chicago with my Aunt Martha my parents sent me away for a while when i was 14 because i was getting into trouble in school so today i go back to Canada cant wait it'll be nice to see my parents again.


32. How Far We've Become/ She's here

I went inside getting my room my mom Pattie Carin Justin girl dancers came to get ready getting our nails and hair done getting dressed one of Justin dancers did my hair putting on my make up my mom came into the room and I looked at her "My baby girl is getting married" she said "Girls could you give us a minute" I asked and they left the room. "You're growing up you don't need me anymore" "Yeah I'll always be your little girl don't worry everything will be fine" I said and she nodded "I know" she said and hugged me. "Love you mom" I said "Love you to Claire" she said letting me to. I picked up my charm bracelet Justin first got me putting it on taking a big breath grabbing the boutique we all left going by the beach. I wrapped my arm under dad's arm and took a deep breath "You look beautiful" "Thanks dad you know were family now and now that me and Justin are getting married you'll have to be nice to him" "I know but if he hurts you I'm kicking his ass" he says "I know you will" "How's the baby" he asked "She's fine been kicking a lot she's ready but I'm not" "Why" he asked "Because I want to take pictures first besides you look handsome" I said "Well thanks don't fall on your ass when we start walking" "I won't..I hope" I said he rolled his eyes and the wedding began. "Nervous" he asked "Hell yes I forgot the words to my vows" "Oh shit well good luck" he said we started walking everyone stood up my heart started beating I grabbed a hold to dad's arm we stopped he kissed my head Justin grabbed my hands. I stood in front of him looking into each other eyes he smiled and I did to. After we said our Vows I do's and kissed we celebrated paparazzi were taking pictures. We took family pictures an pictures with everyone else ate food and last but not least danced me and Justin slow danced "I got something for you" he said "What" I asked he grabbed my hand putting a watch around my wrist "We have matching watches you know Selena came over by the house and she told me that I didn't need to marry you she told me that you were just using me but..the thing is she was wrong she taught me a lesson about how I need to find someone that actually loves me for me and not what's in my pockets she wasn't the one for me and I definitely don't want to loose you or my daughter I thank you for always being there for me and not turning your back on me when I'm down or..anything else. I thank god for you the baby us our marriage you changed my life and made me into a better person after everything I've been through you were there having my back like you promised... No one has ever loved someone much as I love you" he said and I smiled and kissed him hugging him tight a tear came from the corner of my eye. "It's your turn to dance with my mom" I said pulling away wiping my face. "Yeah see you afterwards" "Alright" I said he walked away and I seen Derek with Devon. "Hey Mrs Bieber" they both said "Hey enjoying the wedding" I asked "The reason I'm here is because Justin asked me to be his best man and I also came cause of chicks was gonna be here" he said "Of course you did" "I came for the support of course I'm happy for you Claire you deserve to be happy" Derek said "Thanks Derek I'm happy you could come it's a big and special day for me and Justin" "Have you been crying" he asked "Yeah Justin made me cry after he talked to me it was so sweet I just wish people would stop putting him down it hurts him and also me including our family" I said "Yeah I'm not a fan but the media is being really hard on him" "Exactly" I said "Something wrong" Devon asked "I think my water broke" "Holy shit you're so lying" "No she's coming" I said smiling. "I'll go get Justin" "Thanks" I said "HEY JUSTIN CLAIRE WATER BROKE" he yelled and I rolled my eyes Justin carried me to the car taking me to the hospital. They put me on the gurney taking me to a room Justin held my hand I squeezed his hand pushing hard as I can. 
Minutes later I left the room going to the waiting room seeing Carin Rich Rebecca Devon Derek my mom dad and my dancers. "How is she" Rebecca asked "You can go see her" I said they all walked off cept for my dad. "I'm proud of you son" he said "Thanks dad" I said "You know you picked the right person" "Yeah I realized that when I married her we love eachother I've never felt this happy in my life I just thank god for blessing me with her...Selena came by the house this morning and when I look at her I don't feel the same with her anymore when I look at Claire I can see the love of my I don't want to loose her" I said with a tear coming out from my eye he hugged me and I hugged back. "The only person you need is Claire the girl that makes you happy has your back and you know always be there" "Yeah I know" I said pulling away wiping my face we both went back to the room with everyone I went up to Claire and she smiled looking at me. "So tomorrow were leaving" she asked "Yeah tomorrow morning" I said she kissed me lightly. "You staying here with me and Olivia" she asked "Yeah I'll stay" I said few minutes later everyone left I layed beside Claire with the light off and lamp on she was holding Olivia she gave her to me and I fed her. "I'm really tired" she said "Yeah me to it's been a long day hey do you think the doctors will be back in here" I asked "Nope wait what did you have in mind..are you thinking what I'm thinking because that suite is really turning me on" "Oh and you in that dress turnt me on when I seen you walking down the alter" I said "I know I could have sex with myself" she said "Okaay" I said putting Olivia in the little bed next to us.

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