How Far We've Become *DIRTY*

Im Claire Bell and im 17yrs old have brown hair grey eyes. Live in Chicago with my Aunt Martha my parents sent me away for a while when i was 14 because i was getting into trouble in school so today i go back to Canada cant wait it'll be nice to see my parents again.


31. How Far We've Become/ See you at the alter

Me Justin and our parents went out for Chinese having a good time. "So the wedding is tomorrow are you two excited" Pattie asked "A little nervous but yes" I said "I'm so happy for you two you've come so far Jessica would be so happy for you" "Yeah I know she was a sweet girl I don't think she deserved to die" "Yeah but she had heart problems she told me once she told me not to tell Justin cause she didn't wanna see him hurt so I kept it quiet I felt sorry for her" "How is her parents" I asked "They died in a train wreck a long time ago" "That's sad I didn't know that" I said "Yeah it's really sad it was nice of you and Justin to show up at her funeral" "Yeah I decided to go with him so things wouldn't be so hard on him I thought it was the right thing to do" "It was had Selena started to appear" "Oh no and I'm happy she isn't I mean I love Justin I told him that I would have his back I've been there for the good and I'm  going to be there for him when things get bad you know I would always defend him when the media is going to overboard with what they're saying about him he doesn't deserve this much hate" "I agree it's pathetic to tell you the truth it's just the bigger the artist the bigger the target" she said "So true" I said Justin was on his phone scrolling through his mentions I grabbed his phone and he looked at me. "If you keep worrying about the hate it's not going to make things better" I said and he sighed. I put my fingers through his holding his hand laying my head on his shoulder. I put his hand on my stomach cause Olivia was kicking he smiled and rubbed my stomach. "I change my mind about going to the Bahamas" he said "Where are we going" I asked "It's a surprise" "I hate surprises" I said "I know that's why I love having surprises just to get you angry" he said and I chuckled holding his hand. "Can you picture us from the beginning" "I picture that everytime I look into your eyes trust me it's amazing" he said and I smiled "Yeah" after dinner Justin took pictures with fans outside the restaurant signing autographs holding onto my hand tight going through the crowd getting into the car going home changing getting into bed. I layed my back on the pillow he sat between my legs and I massaged his shoulders. "Dinner was fun tonight" "Yeah" "..You know I love you right" "Yes and you know I love you more" he said and I chuckled. "Yeah right" I said and he started tickling my foot I started laughing "Stop it" I said and he chuckled. He layed beside me and I got on top of Justin "She's so ready to come out" "Well she can when the wedding is over" I said "You'll look beautiful if you wasn't pregnant" "Yeah I know but I want it to be a family wedding remembering it when I was pregnant with Olivia it'll be nice ya know" "True well get some beauty sleep I'm going to sleep" "Okay" I said laying beside him cutting the lamp off falling asleep. Today was the wedding day I woke up and took a deep breath smiling. "Morning Mrs Bieber" "Morning Mr Bieber" I said smiling "Today is the day we will be a family" "Yeah I know I'm so happy it's unbelievable" "I know" he said moving my hair behind my ear. "I'm going to take a shower" I said getting up going to the bathroom running my shower taking my clothes off hopping in washing my hair I felt arms wrap around me I smiled and he kissed my neck feeling something poking my vagina "Someone's hungry" I said he lifted my leg up sliding himself into me pumping I kissed him over and over while he thrusted I moaned really loud massaging my wet clit he took himself out putting my leg down "We only have a few hours to get things together" he said "Okay" I said we washed our bodies getting out putting some clothes on brushing our teeth fixing our hair packing our clothes and the doorbell rung"I'll get it" he said leaving.
I opened the door and seen Selena I took a deep breath and she came in "What do you want" I asked "You can't marry her" "Why are you coming over here with that bullshit were done for good I have a family now don't try and ruin my day okay you always want something from me well guess what I've learned my lesson the whole time I was with you now leave" "Justin-" "Now" i said and she sighed crossing her arms. "Fine but don't come back running to me when she breaks your heart she's using you" "Oh really how is she using me the only person that was using me was you just go" I said and she left I closed the door going back upstairs. "Who was that" "You don't wanna know let's just forget it and get ready for the wedding" I said she smiled and kissed me. After we got done we put the bags into the car going to the hotel. "See you at the alter" I said and she smiled "See you at the alter" she said and kissed me grabbing her things getting out the car. 

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