How Far We've Become *DIRTY*

Im Claire Bell and im 17yrs old have brown hair grey eyes. Live in Chicago with my Aunt Martha my parents sent me away for a while when i was 14 because i was getting into trouble in school so today i go back to Canada cant wait it'll be nice to see my parents again.


29. How Far We've Become/ Picnic

"Do you think everything will be just fine" he asked "Mhm of course I do just have to be positive about it" I said laying my head on his shoulder looking up and him we kissed and he ran his shower. I walked out the bathroom leaving going to the waffle place getting me and Justin breakfast.
When I got myself ready the doorbell rung I opened the door and seen Jacque I sighed and rolled my eyes. "What" "Can I come in" she asked and I let her in closing the door. "What do you want" I said "Well damn I can't come over" she asked "No not unexpected anyways where's Chaz" "I don't know over Ryans place" she said grabbing my crotch and I moved her hand "What's wrong" she asked "Stop alright" "Awe is it because of your little fat girlfriend I'm so much better than her" she said "No you're not trust me k what the hell do you want why are you here" "To see you" "To ruin me and Chaz relationship no leave" I said "Justin we had a deal why didn't you tell Claire your credit cards got suspended you do need to money" "I don't need to sleep with anyone to have money okay I got what I needed for the baby and for my family so leave" I said "What about that charm bracelet you were gonna give Claire at the wedding" "You know what Jacque it's almost the time for my wedding coming over unexpected i see what's up with you women these days always wanting something from me but guess what you're not getting it so fuck off and leave me alone" I said "Fine" she said and left I sighed and Claire came in. "Babe who was that" she asked "Chaz girlfriend and we gotta talk I don't want secrets between us" I said "Okay" she said I grabbed her hand and we went to the kitchen table. "What is it" "My credit cards got suspended" I said "Okay...but at least we got what we had to get for the baby" she said "Yeah I know she told me that I needed the money but I told her that I didn't need to sleep with anyone just to get money" "Chaz girlfriend said that" she asked "Yeah and she grabbed my dick but don't worry I told her to stop baby I don't want secrets between us were getting married and I love you and only you now other guys would had sex with her but I love you to much I would never do that and I promised your dad I wouldn't hurt you I wanna be honest with you" I said and she smiled sitting on my lap then kissed me. "Thank you for being honest Justin I really can trust you" she said and kissed me again. "I just..I wasn't thinking about myself I was thinking about us and our family and what would happen if I did have sex with her but you're the only girl I need and my daughter" I said she smiled and gave me a smooch on the lips. "I bought waffles since you know I cant cook" she said and I chuckled "That's true" I said "Hey! That wasn't nice besides something's poking me" she said "Oh sorry" I said she chuckled and gave me some waffles. "So I was thinking about dinner tonight our favorite restaurant" I said "Justin stop spoiling me" "You're already spoiled anyways I was gonna do that and then a bachelor party the guys wanted one" I said "A bachelor party with strippers naked girls giving you lap dances putting their tits in your face rubbing on your dick" "Baby it's not like that" I said "It is like that I don't want you to do it do something else other than that like watch a movie play basketball or something" she said "It's a club I promise nothing won't happen" "Don't promise cause it's gonna happen eventually" she said "Claire it's a bachelor party" "Fine you wanna be with strippers with your friends before our wedding then I'll be with male strippers"she said getting up leaving I sighed got went after her "Babe it's not that serious I wanna have some fun before having a long time commitment to eachother" I said and she sighed "Oh and I wanna have some fun to I just thought we would be even" she said "I don't wanna get even it's a party it's not like I'm gonna go out and get a random chick pregnant you trust me right" I said "Yeah" she said "And I trust you come on" I said "Fine but no strippers that's final" "Alright no strippers now come back into the kitchen and let's finish breakfast" I said grabbing her hand taking us back into the kitchen eating. 
He put his fingers through mine and held my hand "What are we gonna do today" I asked "I was hoping like a picnic" he said "Here though like the backyard" "You sure" he asked "I don't know where do you wanna go" "Lake probably" he said "Okay" I said eating the rest of my waffles he set the picnic basket up we went to the lake holding hands he set out the blanket we sat down eating talking and laughing. I ate some honey BBQ wings while he was staring out into the lake. "What's wrong" I asked "Nothing just..thinking" he said "Oh okay well you can really cook wings" I said "Thanks" he said "Something is wrong" I said "Noo but what is wrong you have honey BBQ all over your mouth" he said chuckling he scooted close to me and licked my mouth "Ew Justin" I said "Well it's off now" he said I ate another wing and a strawberry "You have an appetite" he said "You calling me fat" "No you're beautiful it's just you're pregnant and have an appetite" he said "Oh" I said and started back eating "You're not gonna eat" I asked "Not that hungry" he said "Okay we still going out tonight" "Yeah" he said when I was done eating I watched the sunset with Justin wrapping my arms around his waist laying my head on his chest. "It's beautiful" I said "I know" he said and kissed the top of my head I fed him a grape and sighed closing my eyes "I love you" I said "Love you to" he said rubbing my arm.

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