How Far We've Become *DIRTY*

Im Claire Bell and im 17yrs old have brown hair grey eyes. Live in Chicago with my Aunt Martha my parents sent me away for a while when i was 14 because i was getting into trouble in school so today i go back to Canada cant wait it'll be nice to see my parents again.


21. How Far We've Become/ Loving life

Months passed 6 months pregnant and 2 weeks when I had my ultrasound the doctor said it was a girl wow Jessica was right. "Babe guess what" "What" "The pictures came in" "From the photoshoot" I asked "Yes" "Oh my gosh" I said grabbing the envelope looking through them. "They asked me which picture I wanted to be on the cover but I want you to pick" "Um all of them look great but I would say the first one" "Great cause i told them that one" he said kissing my cheek walking off I scoffed and sighed. I grabbed my class of water going upstairs sitting on the bed looking through a magazine my phone rung I seen it was my mom so I picked it up. "Hello" I said "Hey how are you" "Im fine" "And the baby" she asked "She's fine I looked at the pictures from me and Justin's photoshoot months ago and they're awesome we're gonna be on the over of a magazine" I said "Wow aren't you two getting married next month" "Yeah I'm happy" I said "That's good I miss you girl" she said and I chuckled "I miss you to where's dad" "We're out at dinner" she said "Ugh really" "Yeah really Claire alright well gotta go" "Okay enjoy your date have fun and not to much" "Shut up bye Claire love you" "Love you to" I said and hung up. Justin came into the room jumping on the bed sitting next to me. "Whatcha doin" "Nothing just looking through a magazine I was thinking since it's been 6 months I wanna have sex" I said "Babe-" "Justin come on I've been horny I'm pregnant I have hormones" I said "Babe it's weird" "No it's not" I said and he sighed "Alright fine but I think it's weird cause you have a big belly and stuff" "I know I do but let's just see what happens" I said "Alright" he said I smiled and smashed my lips onto his. Minutes later I was laying in bed after we had sex I sighed Justin got up putting on his boxers and sweatpants going downstairs I put on my night gown going downstairs smiling wrapping my arms around his waists "Do you feel better now" I asked "Oh yeah much much better" "I told you it wouldn't be weird" I said "Yeah you did tell me that" "Are you ready to start your life with me and your daughter" "Oh yeah I'm ready" "Good" I said and smashed my lips onto his "Wow" he said "Yeah wow I still got it" I said we laughed and he hugged me. "I'm going to bed I need rest" "Alright I'll see you in the morning then" "Okay" I said walking off yawning going upstairs going to sleep. The next day came I got up brushing my teeth going downstairs I seen Justin laying on the couch I sighed going into the kitchen fixing me some orange juice. "Morning" Justin said wrapping his arms around me kissing my neck "Morning you smell good why you sleep on the couch" "I was watching a movie I dozed off I'm sorry" he said "It's okay just wondering" "I'm busy today so I probably won't be home till like..later on" he said "Oh okay me and one of your crew girls gonna go out" "Oh well have your little girl time and I'll be back remember no raw fish no alcohol no-" "Okay I got it besides I got the list of things that I don't need to eat in my purse everything will be fine don't worry so much me and the baby are gonna be okay" I said "You sure" he asked "Yes besides I look pretty hot pregnant" "That is true and okay fine just be careful and eat healthy" "I am" "Oh and no spicy food" "Ugh I got it" I said "No Martinis either I know you" "Justin go" "Call me to" he said "Go" I said "Fine but seriously call me" "Alright I will love you" I said "Love you to" he kissed my cheek and left I sighed going upstairs changing into some clothes the doorbell rung I went downstairs grabbing my purse answering it seeing Carin "Hey Claire looking good" "Thanks" "I see Justin isn't here" "He's busy with work he won't be back till later on" I said "Oh okay" she said we left going out to eat breakfast "So how's the baby" "She's good she's healthy and stuff Justin's really excited he's been bugging me about having one since last year so on Father's Day I told him happy Father's Day and he like freaked out" "Awe Justin will be a great dad" she said "I know and he's gonna be a great husband it's like..God blessed me with him and were gonna be together forever we love eachother and have a baby getting married I have the most amazing life ever Justin changed my life" "He changes a lot of lives that's a good thing" "Yeah true" I said smiling my phone vibrated seeing I had a text from Justin I unlocked my phone looking at it

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