How Far We've Become *DIRTY*

Im Claire Bell and im 17yrs old have brown hair grey eyes. Live in Chicago with my Aunt Martha my parents sent me away for a while when i was 14 because i was getting into trouble in school so today i go back to Canada cant wait it'll be nice to see my parents again.


15. How Far We've Become/ Love sick *dirty*

He stood up taking off his clothes grabbing his dick getting it all hard slapping it on my clit before sliding it in he grabbed my leg putting it on his shoulder scooting me close to the couch and thrusting himself inside of me my nails were digging into the couch. I moaned lightly and held onto his wrist my head was thrown back with my eyes rolling to the back of my head "I'm cumming" I said lifting my head back up cumming a little he started back thrusting grunting holding my leg on his shoulder. "Ah shit you're tight" he said I smiled biting my bottom lip holding my right tit "Aaaarrrgg your so big" I said he took it out breathing heavily slapping it on my clit making my pussy more wetter rubbing his dick between my walls I moaned and he got down on his knees licking his fingers rubbing on my pussy he smashed his lips onto my pussy eating my I groaned biting my bottom lip throwing my head back huffing and puffing "Mm fuck I'm gonna cum" I said wrapping my legs around his neck biting on my finger he pulled away slurping me up standing up I grabbed his dick sliding it into my mouth gagging licking it's head putting it back into my mouth. I got on my knees deep throating looking up at him he squinted his eyes moaning "Are you gonna cum" I asked jacking him off "Almost" he said I smiled licking the side of his dick swallowing all his cum he picked me up kissing me I kissed back and we went upstairs to his bedroom. After we was done having sex we both went to sleep. When I woke up I looked up and seen Justin I smiled and sighed. "What time is it" I asked "7 in the afternoon dinner with my parents remember" he said "Oh..yeah" I said "I'll be downstairs so you can get ready" he said "Okay" I said he lightly kissed me and left. I sighed again seeing I was under a blanket I got up going into the bathroom taking a shower when I got out I curled my hair putting on my bra and thongs on brushing my teeth. I found a light blue strapless blouse in my bag and a shirt coming up to my stomach I put on my flats my diamond bracelet Justin brought me a necklace and earrings. I grabbed my lipstick putting it on I felt like throwing up I threw up in the toilet and threw up again. "You okay" Justin asked "A little" I said flushing the toilet "Maybe cause you haven't ate anything" he said "Yeah maybe" I said cleaning out my mouth with some water. I dried off my mouth and looked at Justin "What" he said "W-what if I'm pregnant" I said "Pregnant you gotta be kidding me" he said "No Justin I'm serious" I said "Babe don't worry about that if you are then it's okay I'm here with you" "Your not gonna walk off" I asked "No because I love you and it'll be my fault cause I was the one that wanted to have sex" he said "True but what if your parents don't like me" "They will don't worry so much okay" he said "Okay" I said he passionately kissed me I pulled away and wiped the tear from my face. "Don't cry please don't" he said hugging me "I don't know Justin" "I'm here with you throughout everything don't forget that" he said I sighed pulling away he put out his hand and I grabbed it. We walked out and got into his car he grabbed my hand kissed it sitting it in his lap driving off. When we got there I seen Pattie and his dad I've never been so nervous in my life I hugged Pattie and his dad then we sat down. I started telling his parents about myself and my personal life Justin's parents wasn't really that bad to talk to they were really nice. After dinner I met Justin's siblings they were so adorable an hour past me and Justin went back to his place.
I looked over at Claire she was asleep I got out going on the other side throwing her over my shoulder closing the door going inside laying her in the bed pulling her shoes off throwing the blanket on her. "Hold me" she said I got into bed with her and held her tight. "Why was you crying when I told you about my private life" she asked and I shrugged "It's just.. sad what happened to you" " and your parents are the only ones I've told promise me you won't tell anyone" she said "..I promise" I said she kissed me lightly and fell back asleep for the rest of the night I didn't let her go.
When I woke up I felt sick again so I ran and threw up in the toilet I layed down on the carpet staring at the ceiling. "Still sick" he asked "Yeah" "Here" he said handing me a pregnancy test I grabbed it getting up. He left and I closed the door taking it out the box holding it in my hand. I sighed and peed on the stick putting it onto the counter washing my hands walking back and forth. "Hey" Justin said smiling "Hey why you so happy your already dressed" "Babe there's more than one bathroom and no reason" he said standing beside me. "It hasn't showed yet" he asked "No" I said "Whatever it says I'm still with you" he said "Your smiling again why you so happy you think that I'm pregnant and that if I am you hope I keep it" I asked "Um..No" "Liar" I said "Alright that's kind of true" he said "Justin if I'm pregnant I'm not keeping it" "I be damned your keeping it if you are" "Justin-" "Babe listen to me I'm here with you it would be different if I wasn't right" "Yeah" I said softly and he kissed me. "Don't be afraid" he said "Okay" I said and he looked at it picking it up looking at me. "What does it say" i asked and he sighed.

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