How Far We've Become *DIRTY*

Im Claire Bell and im 17yrs old have brown hair grey eyes. Live in Chicago with my Aunt Martha my parents sent me away for a while when i was 14 because i was getting into trouble in school so today i go back to Canada cant wait it'll be nice to see my parents again.


27. How Far We've Become/ Love is in the air

"Leave me alone" she said to one of them "Claire is being pregnant a publicity stunt" he asked her she stopped walking and punched him in the nose and made him bleed. "I said leave me alone" she said we started back walking and I laughed going into a store. "Damn you're a badass" I said "Well he should have left me alone" "I know I was gonna defend you but you know you got this" I said "Yeah" she said I sighed and kissed her neck. "Everything is gonna change for us getting married having a baby and paparazzi being around all the time it happens babe" I said "I know but I just think that since I'm about to marry a popstar don't you think things will get to overboard the paps invading our privacy and everything else" she said "I never have privacy Claire but look on the bright side were here for eachother and I was kinda thinking about moving to Canada before anything happens" I said "Mm okay when" "Soon as possible before the wedding though" "Alright" she said "Great cause I'm already selling it" "Alright I'll miss the place though good memories" she said "Oh yeah a lot of memories having sex for the first time in my room on the couch telling me you were pregnant on Father's Day in the kitchen yeah I'll miss the place to but we gotta get outta there I hate paps flying around my damn house" "Oh yeah we definitely gotta go maybe our daughter could grow up in Canada let's move tomorrow" she said "I was hoping you would say that I brought new furniture in the house and everything so don't worry we will have to just pack the dishes our clothes and everything else" "Oh alright do you really want to move" "Yeah well I don't know since I'm taking a year off next year I was just thinking that maybe we should move just to be close to my family and my friends" I said "Our family did you forget we're getting married next week" "Sorta but don't worry I won't forget" I said "Alright well what about my parents" "Damn" I said "Yeah they wanna see the baby when she comes so I don't know when she's gonna arrive probably on our honeymoon" she said "Yeah I hope so I really do" I said she smiled and kissed me. We started shopping a little going into different stores for the baby and for us "Um babe" I said "What" "The tv" I said "Are you kidding me right now they put it on tv" "Get used to it but look on the bright side you punched him you were defending yourself" I said "Yeah but now people will hate me more" "No one won't hate you more alright don't worry about the hate now if he called you a fat bitch or something like that I would've jumped in" I said "I know" she said I hugged her tight and she pulled away. "Justin you know you fixed up the baby room for no reason right if you knew we were gonna move" she said "I didn't think this through ugh fine we'll stay in the house" "But your selling it" she said "Babe I'm Justin Bieber I can get my ways" "So were staying" she asked "Yeah I guess" "Okay" she said we left the store bought us some food and went home. 
Me and Justin went home eating our food on the couch watching a movies I fed him a fry and he fed me some bacon that came out his burger. "Oh my gosh" I said "What" he said I put my burger down grabbing his hands putting it on my stomach. "You feel that" I asked "Oh my gosh yes I feel it she's ready" he said "But I'm not just wait for a few more days I'm nervous about the wedding" I said "Don't worry we wrote our vows and everything it'll be perfect just don't say anything embarrassing" he said "Mm I gotta read my vows again wait when did I'll write yours" "Days ago babe" he said stealing a fry from my bag "Hey" I said "Aye that's pay back from you stealing mines remember" he said "That was one time" "Okay and this is my first time" he said kissing my cheek blowing on it "Ew" I said and threw a fry at him he sat his food down onto the table taking mines putting it on the table sitting me on his lap. "What" I said smiling "I love you" he said "I know you tell me that almost everyday" I said "Cause it's true this month is special ya know not all marriages end in divorces especially not this one since I'm taking a break from my career for a year I'm gonna be here for you and my daughter watch seeing her grow up us growing up together all we been through I just can't wait to start my life with you you're an amazing person baby you do know that right" he asked "Yes I do know that" I said "Good you're better than all the girls I've dated anyways Jessica she was amazing but annoying" she said and I chuckled "Be nice she's dead she still loves you Justin" I said "I know I still can't get over the fact that I was a horrible boyfriend to her I wasn't thinking about her I was thinking about myself I was selfish and stupid" he said "I know and I was stupid to do it with you and it's both of our faults" I said "No it's none of our faults she forgives us" he said "Yeah I know but me and her are friends she understands why we had sex it was because of your horny ass" I said and he chuckled. "Well and look where it got us" he said rubbing my belly. I smiled and sighed

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