How Far We've Become *DIRTY*

Im Claire Bell and im 17yrs old have brown hair grey eyes. Live in Chicago with my Aunt Martha my parents sent me away for a while when i was 14 because i was getting into trouble in school so today i go back to Canada cant wait it'll be nice to see my parents again.


4. How Far We've Become/ Loosing my virginity

The next day I went to school Justin didn't show up great just great. I was kind of happy that means I didn't have to have sex with him after school my phone buzzed and I looked at it ugh speak of the devil Justin texted me saying to come over after school wow isn't Karma a bitch. After school I went to Justin's house going in. "Wow nice place" I said to myself I went upstairs trying to find his bedroom "JUSTIIIN" I yelled "IN HERE" he said back as i walked into his room seeing him shirtless wearing sweatpants. "You came over what a surprise who let you in" he asked "The door was unlocked so I just let myself in I'm gonna do it all the time to" "Wouldn't do that if I were you I have a security system" " you see me giving a fuck across my face" I said "Okay then suite yourself" he said "Why wasn't you at school today" "Someone's curious about me I appreciate that" he said grabbing my hips kissing me over and over. "You didn't answer my question" I said between kisses. "I have food poisoning" he said picking me up I quickly pulled away and looked at him. "You what" "Food poisoning" he said "What the hell I'm not having sex with you if you have some kind of poison" "Chillax nothing won't happen" he said "Damn that were still not having sex besides you didn't come over to my house this morning" I said "I just told you why I have food poisoning is your ears open" he said I scoffed and got down. "Well..sorry to hear that were still not having sex" I said "Either get it over with or bitch about it" "What do you mean get it over with were gonna keep still doing it" "Because I know how bad you want to get it over with so why the hell can't we just do it now I'm horny" "Well that's to bad your not getting any today till your sickness is gone" "Excuses excuses shave last night" "Don't worry about that" I said "Aw you did so you wouldn't be embarrassed don't worry I've seen girls with hair before" "Not me and your not going to just yet" I said "You remind me of a chicken I used to know that's scared of another chicken called cocks" "..What cock do you have" I asked "Excuse me the one that you need to be sucking on" "What is there to suck on" I asked smirking he grabbed my arms and pinned me against the wall. "Don't be like that Justin" "Feisty..hmm you might be the kind of girl I do want to have sex with I like that about you" "Oh really" "Oh yeah..I can tell in your eyes your not ready for the D" he said letting me go. "I am ready" "Then what are you waiting on I'm horny" "I'm waiting on you for your sickness to clear up" I said. "Ugh excuses but whatever I'll get what I want one day your not freaky enough for me" "Oh I'm freaky it just takes the right person for me to let it all out" I said "Sooo I'm the right person..right" he asked and I shrugged. "Alright" he said sitting down on the bed. "I love your house to be honest" "Thanks" "You know my parents isn't gonna be home tonight and I was wondering if you could give me a lift home I walked here from school" "Okay but let's just hang here for a while or even better spend the night" "Uh yeah I'll just hang around before you take me home" I said "Alright fine" he said I sighed taking my backpack off sitting it down sitting beside Justin taking my shoes off laying next to Justin he looked at me and I looked back we both giggled staring at eachother he rolled on top of me looking in my eyes. My heart started racing he had the most beautiful eyes ever his ment smelling breath hit my nose and his lips were close to mine he leaned in slowly passionately kissing sliding our tongues in eachother mouthes I smiled between kisses running my fingers through his hair while his hand was grabbing up on my thigh I pulled my shirt off he stared for a sec and smiled kissing my neck all the way down to my pants unbuckling my shorts pulling them off along with my panties. "Aw you shaved" he said smiling "Shut up" I said then putting my finger in my mouth biting on my fingernail.

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