How Far We've Become *DIRTY*

Im Claire Bell and im 17yrs old have brown hair grey eyes. Live in Chicago with my Aunt Martha my parents sent me away for a while when i was 14 because i was getting into trouble in school so today i go back to Canada cant wait it'll be nice to see my parents again.


2. How Far We've Become/ Just Friends

She made a big sigh and said ''Alright''. I moved her arm slowly uncovering her chest looking back at her. ''Nice'' i said ''Um thanks'' she said shyly. ''Can I'' i asked and she rolled her eyes ''Go for it'' she said.. I wrapped my whole mouth around  her boob starting to suck on it swirling my tongue out her nipple taking it out my mouth. I chuckled then she giggled. ''Erm i gotta go'' ''Now you decided you want to leave'' she asked ''Well after i got what i wanted which was suck your boob yeah i think ill go'' ''Alright'' she said I got up and went to the slide door. ''Bye'' she said ''Bye'' i said she closed the door and i climbed down the ladder ''Did something'' Devon asked and i looked at him. ''Nah you didnt have sex with her'' he said walking off.
I layed down on my bed in my pj's. The lights were off and candles were lit i closed my eyes and just relaxed after Justin came.
Next Day
I was in the kitchen making breakfast in my tank top and undies then i heard the front door shut so i looked around and there was Justin leaning on the wall. ''Did i tell you that you have a nice ass'' he said ''Um..and did i tell you knock before you enter'' ''Your parents know i dont knock when i enter i just...enter'' 'Well while im here your gonna have to'' ''Well damn feisty but i would love to suck on your boob again'' he said and i smiled. ''You know what you can suck on'' ''What'' he said smiling ''My fist'' ''Feisty..i like it'' ''Of course you do'' i said. ''So i heard you were thinking about me after you..know what i did yesterday'' ''From who'' i asked ''Oh just a little birdy'' ''Awe well tell that bird if it lies again it wont be pretty'' i said ''You're so cute so your supposedly cooking breakfast or throw up'' he asked ''Get out'' ''Aye you know what they say the truth hurts ill help you if you want i know you want to surprise your parents come on'' he said and i sighed ''Fine'' i said and sat down at the table. He started fixing breakfast after a few minutes when he was done he placed plates on the table he sighed and i looked at him. ''Wow you're good'' ''Im also good at something else'' ''Get out my face'' i said  getting up he chuckled and my parents came down. ''Wow who cooked breakfast'' mom asked ''Um..well to be honest-'' ''Claire cooked breakfast for you guys'' Justin said ''Oh well that's nice the coffee isnt burnt like it usually was'' dad said sitting down with mom and i rolled my eyes. ''Gotta go'' Justin said walking off and i followed him. ''Hey Justin..thanks for telling my parents it was me'' ''No problem'' he said ''Um well if you want me to do anything..ill do it just to pay you back'' i said ''Lets just'll be my little sex buddy'' he said picking my chin up with his finger winking at me walking off. I scoffed and chuckled a little going back into the kitchen sitting at the table. '' like Justin'' mom asked ''No'' ''Why was he in here trying to get some pussy'' dad said and i choked on my orange juice ''Dad'' i said ''What you're wearing panties and a tank top did he do something'' ''No he didnt we just talked'' i said ''Like sex talking'' he asked ''No dad friendly talking my god'' ''You havent been having sex right'' mom asked. ''No i havent but...soon i will'' ''Not in my house'' he said ''Oh trust me it wont be here'' i said eating.

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