How Far We've Become *DIRTY*

Im Claire Bell and im 17yrs old have brown hair grey eyes. Live in Chicago with my Aunt Martha my parents sent me away for a while when i was 14 because i was getting into trouble in school so today i go back to Canada cant wait it'll be nice to see my parents again.


11. How Far We've Become/ Jessica's dead

Me and Justin started playing ping pong I couldn't help but laugh during the game. "You just got smoked by a GIRL" I said "No no let's replay" "No rematches I won fair and square" I said "Okay I got you" he said "Alright" I said we left the studio going outside running into some paparazzi's we ignored all questions and pictures getting into his car. "I don't see how you live with this" I said "Yeah but whatever" he said and stopped at McDonalds "Want something" he said "Noo" I said "You sure cause your not getting any of my fries" "I'm sure" I said on my phone. He ordered his phone and we went on driving around till we got to a stop light. I looked over at him and he was humming All that Matters "Your all that matters to me" he said looking at me looking back at the road. "I want a fry" I said "Nope" he said and I laughed "Please" I said "Should have ordered some" he said I rolled my eyes leaning up to him towards him kissing him digging in his bag for fries. "AYE" he said I pulled away sitting back down laughing eating. "You going to the Christmas dance tomorrow" I asked "Yeah wanna be my date" he said "Well duh I got the perfect dress" I said "Damn I can't wait till tomorrow then" he said "Yeah I know your gonna look handsome in a suit" "Girl I ain't wearing no suit" "Why not" "Just because" he said "So what are you gonna wear" I asked "Clothes" "Shirt pants shoes SnapBack" I said "Yep" "I want you to dress up I am" I said "Okay that's you not me" "Ugh your such an ass" I said "I know" "You talked to Jessica" I asked "No she won't answer my phone calls but whatever" I said "Check on her" I said "Should I" he asked "Yes something is probably wrong with her" I said "Alright" he said he dropped me off at home and I went inside the house. "Hey how was spending the night with Justin" mom asked "Good we went out to dinner" I said "Oh okay" she said I sighed putting my bag down going into the fridge eating. My phone buzzed and I seen Justin texted me I sighed and read it. 'Jessica's dead' he said and my mouth dropped 'Oh my god are you okay' I asked 'No I just...want to be alone for a few days' 'I'm coming over' I said grabbing my bag of Oreos going to his house going inside upstairs. "Hey" I said sitting on the bed beside him "Hey" he said "It's okay Justin" "No it's not okay it's my fault this shit happened I wasn't a real boyfriend to her I cheated on her with my supposedly cousin I'm going to hell" he said "Your not going to hell Justin don't think like that" I said "Either way Claire it's a bad thing" he said "I know I feel bad for being a bitch to her I wish I could take it back though but I can't cause she's gone I know it's hard and you don't want to talk to anyone but I'm here" I said "Yeah thanks" he said sighing I grabbed an Oreo from the container handing it to him. He started smiling grabbing it. "Feeling a little better" I asked "A little thanks for coming over though" "Your welcome I just had to come over and see how you were doing" I said "Yeah" he said eating his Oreo. "I'm sorry" I said "Aye it's alright it's not your fault" he said "Yeah I know but don't seem it's your fault" "It is I barley hang time with her to busy having sex with you" he said "You can say that again" I said and we both sighed. "Do you think we should stop doing what we're doing" he asked and I shrugged "I guess...and I guess the deal is off" I said "Yeah" he said lightly "So what do you wanna do" I asked "To be honest..I don't know and honestly I really don't wanna stop what's been going on between us" " does that mean we have to see other people even though we're not dating" I asked "Yeah" he said "Oh..well I'll just see you tomorrow at the dance then" "Yeah see ya" he said I stood up and left the house going home. The next day I went to school Justin was in most of my classes he still looked down about Jessica I felt bad though. I went to my locker putting my things up. "Hey" a tall guy said "Um hey" I said "Do you happened to have a date tonight for the Christmas dance" he asked "" I said "Oh well um would you like to go I'm Jake by the way" "Claire and..sure why not" I said "Alright I'll see you here" he said "Yeah" I said "Okay" he said and walked off. "Wow someone found a date" Justin said "Yeah you found a date" "Nah I'm not looking forward to dance with anyone I mean I'm going but I'm not dancing" "Wow and the girls that be over you almost everyday haven't asked" I said "Yeah but I turnt all of them down" "Oh" I said "Sorry for not talking to you this morning I was still upset" "It's okay just you know take your time to sort things out and we can start back talking as friends" I said "Yeah thanks for understanding" "Your welcome" I said he smiled and walked off I was happy to see him smile again.After school I went home taking me a long hot bubble bath with candles around I closed my eyes and sighed. When I woke up it was 7:30 I gasped and got out drying myself off putting on my dress fixing my hair brushing my teeth grabbing my heels and driving towards the school. When I got there it was packed a lot of people I tried finding Jake but I didn't I hope he didn't stood me up if he did I'll be one sad bitch. An hour passed still haven't seen Jake I was sitting down on my phone. "I see someone stood you up" Justin said "Pfft yeah" I said and he sat down "Wanna dance" he asked and I shrugged "Oh come on I don't bite besides I wrote this song now let's dance" he said and I sighed "Fine" I said and stood up he grabbed my hand and we went to the dance floor I put my hands on his shoulders and his hands on my hips we moved side to side slow dancing to Christmas Eve we were looking into eachother eyes I smiled and put my head down minute passed I wrapped my arms around his neck resting my head on his shoulder he held me tight we both sighed I turnt my head towards his neck slowly kissed his neck. "That's my weak spot" he said chuckling "I know I just want you to feel a whole lot better other than being sad for a few days I know you really loved her and it broke your heart about what happen but..things happen for a reason" "Yeah" he said "Want to spend Christmas with my parents" i asked him "I'll see what happens" he said I lifted up my head "Let's go somewhere" I said grabbing his hand we started walking and went into the bathroom I locked the door and smashed my lips onto his he kissed back and pushed me against the wall still making out he put both hands on my ass picking me up.

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