How Far We've Become *DIRTY*

Im Claire Bell and im 17yrs old have brown hair grey eyes. Live in Chicago with my Aunt Martha my parents sent me away for a while when i was 14 because i was getting into trouble in school so today i go back to Canada cant wait it'll be nice to see my parents again.


18. How Far We've Become/ I'm pregnant

A year later passed Justin came home from his concert. I moved in with Justin two months ago since my parents were gone out of town. I went downstairs going into the kitchen where Justin was sneaking behind him covering his eyes "Guess who she's sweet she's cute and if you get this wrong she'll be angry" I said and he chuckled "Babe" he said turning around. "Correct" I said and kissed him wrapping my arms around his neck. "Happy Father's Day" I said "Really babe I'm not a da-" he said and stopped then we both smiled. "YES" he said picking me up kissing me over and over again. "I knew you would have been happy" "I am oh my gosh I'm gonna be a dad" "Yes you are" I said and pecked his lips getting down. "Mm you know I love you right" he said "Yes I know and I love you to that's why we're together" I said "True well I'm gonna take a shower" "Okay" I said he kissed my cheek walking off I sighed and drunk a bottle of water. When Justin got out the shower I was watching tv eating grapes on the couch he sat next to me eating one. "Whatcha watching" "The Purge" I said "Oh" he said and layed me on his lap feeding me a grape I giggled and fed him one. "How was the concert" I asked "Hot but it was fun" he said "I can tell you was really sweaty which I love it when you sweat" "Why reminds you of us having sex" "Mm maybe" I said "You dirty girl" he said I laughed "I can't wait to see what the gender is of the baby" I said "Yeah me either but we just gotta be patient" he said "Yeah I know" minutes later I was laying on the couch with Justin behind me watching the rest of the movie. I sighed and closed my eyes. Justin kissed my cheek holding my hand going to sleep also. The next day came I woke up Justin groaned and did a big sigh. "Whatcha doin" he asked "Trying to get up to take a shower" I said "Noo stay" he said kissing my neck "Justin" "What" "I need to shower and brush my teeth" "Ugh fine" he said letting me go. I got up going upstairs taking a shower washing my hair. "Hey baby" "AAAHH Justin you scared me" " Really you don't scream like that in bed" "Ugh Justin that's because I finally can scream thanks to you" I said "Oh your welcome um so when are we gonna have sex again" he said pulling me close to him "Um I don't know maybe sooner or later or something" i said "Uh no" "Uh yes we're not having sex just yet I wanna get my belly first I'll still look cute" "Mm yeah your ass and tits gonna get bigger" he said "Oh my gosh really" i said "Yeah you didn't know" "Uh no if I did I wouldn't be so surprised" I said "Well it's true maybe my penis would get two times larger" he said and I rolled my eyes. "It doesn't need to" "Uh yes it does okay Jerry needs to get big" "Babe he's already big" "Yeah but I rather kill your vagina with it" he said "I doubt it. Besides it'll grow maybe an inch Mm 8 inches that'll be good" I said "Nah I'll say about four or five" he said washing his body I stopped washing my neck staring at him. "What" he said "You trying to kill me" "No it wouldn't be a problem putting my manhood to the side I hate putting it up" "Uh okay babe" I said getting out wrapping myself with a towel he cut the water off and came out to. "Your ass is bigger than mines" I said "Ugh stop looking I feel violated" "Oh and I don't when you look at mines" "It's my job" "Who hired you" I asked "You as my beautiful girlfriend" "Whatever" I said brushing my teeth getting dressed

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