How Far We've Become *DIRTY*

Im Claire Bell and im 17yrs old have brown hair grey eyes. Live in Chicago with my Aunt Martha my parents sent me away for a while when i was 14 because i was getting into trouble in school so today i go back to Canada cant wait it'll be nice to see my parents again.


14. How Far We've Become/ I love him *dirty*

We went to the doctors office and waited till they called his name. They called him back they weighed checked his blood pressure temperature heart beat and ears. The doctor said that he's gotten better i was surprised well..not really cause he's already told me. She stepped out for a sec because Justin had to get a shot in his arm i tried not to laugh because he's scared of needles but so am I. She came back with a needle he was scared not wanting to get it i sighed stood up and held both of his hands like a little baby holding his hands tight. She stuck him in his arm ''Ah'' he said and i laughed i tried not to but i did anyways she put the bandage on and let us leave. When we were in the car i looked at him laughing and he looked at me ''What'' he said ''You got a shot'' i said '''' he said ''You were crying'' i said ''Was not it hurted i hate needles'' ''Aw well poor you'' i said ''Shut up..wanna go to dinner with me and my parents'' he asked ''When'' i asked ''Tonight'' ''Mm maybe and tomorrow i want you to eat with my parents at my house'' i said ''Okay'' he said ''Maybe my parents and yours can get to know eachother'' ''Yeah your mom is really nice i talked to he when you were recording PYD oh my gosh i love that song now'' ''Why cause i sing about how many places i want to have sex'' ''Mm maybe probably with me'' ''Its not a probably its gonna happen'' he said and i chuckled ''I guess''. "I can't wait to meet your dad" I said "He's nice oh and your gonna meet my brother and sister when dinner is over" "Aw you have a bro and sis" "Well of course I do Jaxon and Jazzy wanna go to Disneyland on Saturday with them" he asked "Justin of course I don't have anything else to do" "Alright" he said we pulled up at his house and went inside. We sat down on the couch I made a big sigh pulling my sandals off putting my legs on his lap he wrapped his arm around me I layed my head on his shoulder while he rubbed on my leg with his other hand. "Going to school tomorrow" I asked "Um..yeah I guess are you" "Mm maybe.. If you go I'll go" I said he looked down at me and smiled. "Okay" he said " going" I asked "Nah I'm not going" "Okay what do you wanna do tomorrow" "Mm go to the park anything romantic like picnic at the lake" he said "Picnic at the park by the lake" I said "Your making the bag no you can't cook never mind" he said I scoffed and punched his leg "You know it's true" he said. "I know but still that's mean" I said "Aw you'll get used to it" he said I scoffed he laughed and kissed me a couple of times I layed down on the couch and he crawled over me I wrapped my legs around his waist. He moved a piece of hair out my face and kissed me "I love you.. Do you love me" he asked and I slowly nodded "Yeah I love you" " How much" he asked and I giggled "A lot what about you" I asked "More than you love me" he said and I smiled "Liar it's impossible" "No trust me it's not impossible" he said "Why couldn't you talk so sweet to all the other girls you've dated" "I don't know you make me feel different when I'm around you" "Really" I asked "Yes" he said I smiled leaning up kissing him pulling him down on my body he pulled my dress off pulling my bra off sucking on my tits I moaned playing in his hair he moved his mouth to my other tit sucking on it licking my nipples biting them with his teeth. He kissed down my body to my pussy spreading my legs eating I put my hands on my boobs pulling my nipples while he ate me out I moaned arching my back "Mm Justin right there" I said enjoying the pleasure he came up turning my body around putting my legs up I wrapped my arms around my legs while he got onto the floor starting back eating me out "Oh fuck" I said he slid a finger inside of me sliding another one in I screamed when he started trusting them inside of my pussy he put his thumb on my clit massaging it he moved his thumb licking my clit I closed my eyes slowly throwing my head back he took his fingers out kissing my pussy pulling his shoes and belt off.

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