How Far We've Become *DIRTY*

Im Claire Bell and im 17yrs old have brown hair grey eyes. Live in Chicago with my Aunt Martha my parents sent me away for a while when i was 14 because i was getting into trouble in school so today i go back to Canada cant wait it'll be nice to see my parents again.


24. How Far We've Become/ I lied

"I love you so much" he said and I smiled pulling away "I love you to..thanks for making me smile all the hate just got to me I didn't do anything wrong" I said "I know just let them hate you'll get used to it eventually besides you're probably going through that emotional phase I know how pregnant people are the crying being sad happy angry tired yeah I know" he said "You read the book didn't you" I asked "A little..come on" he said and we went home I sat on the couch getting comfortable reading a baby book hugging onto my teddy bear while Justin was upstairs. He came down and stared at me "What" I said and he pointed to my stomach seeing the baby kicking "That is so weird" he said chuckling sitting beside me I grabbed his hand and placed it on my stomach. "He can't wait to come out" "Yeah I know he's almost here" he said "Yeah he has the most amazing dad in the world" I said and he smiled "And he has the most amazing mom in the world..I can't believe were about to become a family" "Me either we've become so far and I'm proud of us. Our son would be proud of us to" "I know.." He said rubbing my belly "Hey little fella I can't wait for you to come out I'm kind of new at this whole being a dad thing but you have the most amazing parents ever that will take care of you just try not to be hard on us. We love you very much I'll see you in a few months" he said I smiled running my fingers through his hair he blew on my belly and I giggled "Do you think everything will be okay..I mean the pregnancy and all" "I hope but don't worry the doctor said I'm fine the baby will be fine don't get your boxers in a wad" I said and chuckled "Oh so you're being funny" "I was kidding calm your nipples" "I'm going to go cook dinner now" he said getting up and the doorbell rung "Are you gonna get that" I asked and he sighed going to the door. I sat the book down on the table getting up going into the kitchen getting me a bottle of water going back into the living room sitting back down onto the couch "Hey babe wanna go to a basketball game tomorrow" "Who's playing" "My favorite team the heats and some other team" "Okay I'll go what time cause I have a dentist appointment tomorrow" I said "Awe poor baby it's at 7" "Oh okay I'll go" I said "Great I'll start cooking" "What are you planning on cooking" I asked "You'll see" he said "I'll help you" I said he started laughing walking into the kitchen I rolled my eyes and got onto my phone getting on Instagram posting a selfie captioning '7 months pregnant I'm ready baby @justinbieber 😝' I got up going into the kitchen sitting in a high chair. "Something smells good" I said "My cooking now kiss the cook" he said I giggled grabbed him by his shirt and smashed my lips into his "Happy" I said "A little" "Whatever I tagged you in a picture on Instagram I put my pictures on private" "That's good and good thing I followed you so I can see your sexy selfies" "And with us and then hopefully a family picture with me you and Olivia" I said "Yeah but I'm putting a picture of her first since you got your stuff private and my fans can't see" "I only followed the ones that actually ship us together I mean we both love eachother they should be happy about that unlike that one bitch you were with not gonna say her name But she can't sing worth of shit" "Ah I know who you're talking about but forget that girl she's all fucked up in the head I don't have time to put up with her" he said "I just hope nothing goes wrong in our marriage do you" I asked "Yeah but I'm not going to let anyone come between us not even a spirit of Jessica or something I've only dated 4 girls and now I'm getting married to my fifth one she's having my baby it's all gonna be perfect so don't worry things are going to be okay" "Yeah when I walk down that alter seeing my handsome husband I can tell it's going to be forever" "True and I'll end up having a boner" he said and I laughed "Oh my gosh if you do I'll be laughing my ass off" "Hey that's not funny I would have to keep it under control or hide it" "Mm I know sucks for you" I said "Whatever" he said when dinner was done we started eating. "So um I have an interview tomorrow at 4 in LA" "I know" I said "You do" "Yeah" I said "Oh well I'll probably be back in time for the game you know how LA traffic is" he said "Yeah" I said "What's wrong" he asked "Nothing why" "You're not that happy every since you took a glance at your phone is it twitter or something" "No it's just..nothing" I said "I know that face just tell me" he said "Seriously nothing's wrong I'm just a little tired" "Oh okay". After dinner he went upstairs while I washed dishes "I got it" he said "No I got it" "I cooked babe I'll do it" "I know you did and I'm going to wash the dishes besides I'll be getting used to it anyways" I said "Okay um I'll be in the bed then" "Alright" I said he kissed my cheek going upstairs while I finished cleaning. I went upstairs sitting on the bed taking a deep breath. 

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