How Far We've Become *DIRTY*

Im Claire Bell and im 17yrs old have brown hair grey eyes. Live in Chicago with my Aunt Martha my parents sent me away for a while when i was 14 because i was getting into trouble in school so today i go back to Canada cant wait it'll be nice to see my parents again.


23. How Far We've Become/ I got hate

Night came me and Justin were eating dinner I stopped eating rubbing my belly because it started hurting. "You alright" Justin asked drinking his orange juice "A little just a stomach ache" "Did you take some pills" he asked "No not yet I will when I go to bed so believe tour is over" "Sadly yeah I'm taking a break so that gives me plenty of time to raise our daughter" "Yeah" I said "So what's your favorite believe tour moment" he asked "Hmm when you got me pregnant" I said "A real moment babe" he said "Okay well when we had sex in your dressing room" "Really Claire" he asked "Hey it's true what's your favorite moment" "Traveling the world with the crew helping out countries that are in need and you know us being together" he said holding my hand and I smiled. "Yeah so is your career going to be okay when the baby comes" I asked "I hope so I really do" he said "I think it will I mean a lot of celebrities get pregnant and still have their career" "Yeah but I can't get pregnant babe" he said "Well whatever you know what I mean but yeah a lot of celebrities still have their career" "Yeah but they're not as popular as I am I mean I get hated on every single day they're bringing me down while my fans are trying to bring me back up I don't know Claire" "Justin all you have to do is let them hate they're not controlling you they're just jealous because you want to make a difference you're not the only one that's getting hated on I'm along with you because I'm pregnant having your baby the hate doesn't bother me at all" I said "It doesn't" "No it doesn't and I don't care as long were together it doesn't matter" I said and he said "True" "So..I decided to make a twitter" "Oh my gosh really" he asked "Yeah underscore Claire Bieber I followed you" I said he grabbed his phone and started to get on twitter following me tweeting '_ClaireBieber finally got twitter yay 😘 love you babe' I smiled and kissed his cheek. "You need a Instagram" "I do I don't be on there I made it a year ago" "Fine time telling me" he said and I laughed "Sorry I'm going to bed night" "Night" he said giving me a kiss on the lips I got up walking out the kitchen going upstairs. I went upstairs changing into my night gown getting into bed going to sleep. The next day I got up took one of my medicine drinking water pulling the cover off of me getting out the bed putting my feet on the cold floor walking downstairs. "Devon" I said confused "Hey Claire damn you fat" "I'm pregnant" I said "Ooh my bad and congrats" "Thanks so what are you doing here" I asked "Justin dumbass texted me saying to come over but. I guess he's still sleep" he said "Yeah he is" I said and he rolled his eyes I chuckled "Ugh I'll be back then" he said "Alright" I said he left I went into the kitchen fixing me some cereal. Justin came downstairs in his boxers hair messy and some socks he wrapped his arms around my waist kissing my neck "Mm morning sleepy head" I said "Morning where's Devon" he asked "He left cause you wouldn't wake up" he said "Oh shit! His dumbass" he said I chuckled and he sighed. "Someone's up" I said giggling rubbing his boner "You know that turns me on Claire" he said "Oh I know" I said he sat down beside me on his phone I got on mines because I had a lot of mentions from twitter my smile turnt into a frown haters were mentioning me telling me to go die or I'm a slut anything like that I deactivated my twitter account. "Um babe what happened to your twitter I tried to mention you but your name wouldn't pop up" "I deactivated it" I said "What why" "Your fans" I said getting up walking out the kitchen. "Claire what they say" "I'm a slut I need to die and more stuff like that" I said "Don't cry please don't I can fix this" "Noo you can't fix it" "Yes I can and when I do fix it I want you to put it back don't worry about what they say alright I don't like you crying it hurts me" he said pulling me into a hug I held him tight he kissed my head and I pulled away wiping my face. "I'll fix it don't worry alright" "Yeah" I said walking off going upstairs I took me a long shower I got out brushing my teeth putting on some clothes coming out the bathroom seeing Justin already dressed on his phone. "Come here" he said I walked towards the bed where he was. "What" "You okay" he asked "A little" "You should be okay cause I fixed it I told then that To stop hating on you sending death threats and hate messages because it hurts both of us and I hate to see you cry and I told them that I'm really disappointed in them cause I mean we're getting married this month and I don't want anything going wrong so I hope that helps cause I read them and they shouldn't be doing that to the one I'm getting married to in about two weeks and carrying my daughter but just ignore or block them if they do it again just keep smiling that's what I do" "I'm not stronger than you I get more hate than you" "No you don't you don't get messages or mentions from twitter saying you suck go die I'm gay or anything like that just because you're my fiancé doesn't mean that you get more hate than I do sometimes you gotta stand up for yourself and push the haters away i know it's hard but you have to be strong be strong for eachother and for our family we have to kill them with kindness" he said I wiped my face he kissed my cheek holding my hand I layed my head on his shoulder. "I gotta go going golfing with the guys wanna come" he asked "I don't know I rather just be a lone and think" I said "I want you to come with me forget about what's on twitter I mean they're heartless and I don't want you to be here alone by yourself crying your eyes out while I'm going to have fun" "Seriously just go I'll be fine" I said he sighed and sat back down beside me. "Fine I'll stay here with you if I go then I'll feel bad and I don't want to leave my pregnant fiancé here crying we can go to the store and get the baby stuff together is that a plan" he asked and I wiped my face "I guess" I said he grabbed my hand and we left going to the store when we were finished shopping Justin bought me a teddy bear and some flowers I smiled a little he kissed me passionately we hugged eachother real tight not letting eachother go.

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