How Far We've Become *DIRTY*

Im Claire Bell and im 17yrs old have brown hair grey eyes. Live in Chicago with my Aunt Martha my parents sent me away for a while when i was 14 because i was getting into trouble in school so today i go back to Canada cant wait it'll be nice to see my parents again.


5. How Far We've Become/ His girlfriend

He lightly kissed my inner thigh leaving small pecks going towards my pussy lightly kissing before entering his tongue inside of me I took a deep breath closing my eyes letting him pleasure me I moaned his name over and over cumming inside his mouth he slurped me up sliding his two fingers inside of me thrusting them in and out kissing around my vagina I closed my eyes he came up sliding his fingers out of me making out I wrapped my legs around his waist while he kissed on my neck moving his lips to my chest un clipping my bra releasing my breasts sucking on mynipples licking around them making both hard I moaned lightly biting down on my bottom lip slowly throwing my head back.He came back up to my neck giving me hickies. I unbuckled his belt pulling his pants down reaching down grabbing his dick stroking it he pulled away from my body stripping himself "Wait" I said "What" "Condom" I said "Girl we don't need no damn condoms" "Uh yes we do I don't want to get pregnant were just friends that have sex" "I know but..I don't have any condoms Devon does" "Then were not finishing" I said "Claire nothing's gonna happen I promise if I reach my climax and cum I'll let you know" "Alright fine but next time wear one" "Okay" he said. We started making out again he leaned over me rubbing on my thigh moving his hand towards his dick slipping it inside of me I held onto his shoulders digging my nails into them "Am I hurting you" he asked and I nodded "A little but just go slow" I said he started pumping slowly "Mm faster" I said he started going a little bit faster till he started to squint his eyes grunting sweating pulling the sheets "Oh shit I'm cumming" he said pulling himself out laying beside me slowly cumming. "Someone made a mess" I said giggling "Screw you it's your fault" "How is it my fault I didn't want you cumming inside of me and I'm not ready for a baby" I said "I know" he said and there was a knock on the bedroom door. "Shit my girlfriend is here" he said whispering. "Your what" I asked "Shh my girlfriend hurry and dress up" he said I rolled my eyes and we both got dressed. "You're my cousin okay" he said "Oh sure screwing your own cousin" "Shut up and just go with it" he said opening the door. "Oh hey babe" he said I crossed my arms and rolled my eyes. "Hey who's this" she asked "Oh that's Claire she's my cousin" "Oh..I'm Jessica" "Yeah yeah yeah I'm out deuces" I said grabbing my backpack going downstairs. "Wait I suppose to give you a ride home" "Oh ill pass really you didn't tell me you had a girlfriend" "Claire I'm sorry I got caught up in the moment but..we had fun right" "Yeah sure..for you" I said walking out. I walked all the way home setting my bag down my parents wasn't gonna come till midnight which was a good thing I took a shower put on some comfortable clothes laying in bed. My phone rung seeing it was Justin I rolled my eyes and scoffed a little. "What do you want" "Are you mad at me" he asked "Hmm maybe really you didn't tell me why" "Because I was hanging out with you and I got lost I forgot about her when we started talking she didn't call me in like three days and she just appeared I'm sorry alright" he said "Yeah..I guess I forgive you but if you ever do that again I swear-" "Okay I won't" he said interrupting me. "Alright so..Jessica huh" "Yep she doesn't live down here though and you know I had a really nice time after school It was amazing" "Yeah you taking my virginity wow am I desperate" "I wouldn't say that your desperate maybe I am the right person for your freakiness to come out" "But it didn't come out and you'll probably see one day it takes a lot of time" "Knowing you..I know it'll take a lot of time" "Yeah so..what did Jessica say about the stuff on your bed" "Nothing I told her it was something I wasted I changed my bed sheets and stuff do you think you could come tomorrow" "I don't know I'll think about it as long as you come to school" I said "Aye I don't want to come and throw up on everybody" "Oh yeah your sick..I hope you get to feeling better like for real it must sucks having food poison" "Yeah it does suck..I have a concert in about thirty minutes so I gotta go" "Alright I'll see you tomorrow I guess" "Yeah..see you" he said I smiled then hung up.

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