How Far We've Become *DIRTY*

Im Claire Bell and im 17yrs old have brown hair grey eyes. Live in Chicago with my Aunt Martha my parents sent me away for a while when i was 14 because i was getting into trouble in school so today i go back to Canada cant wait it'll be nice to see my parents again.


28. How Far We've Become/ Having a family soon

 "Yeah just a few more days besides I'm excited about us getting married oh and I have a doctors appointment tomorrow about the baby you're coming right" I asked "Yeah I'll come what time" he asked "5 it's just the last check up before she comes" I said "Great I'm gonna take a nap you coming" he asked "Nah just take your nap if I get sleepy I'll just go upstairs" "Okay gimme kiss" he said I smiled and kissed him lightly he sat me beside him he got up and went upstairs. I sighed and ate the rest of my food watching tv I yawned drinking my water throwing the sacks away going upstairs kicking my shoes off crawling next to Justin laying on my side he wrapped his arm around me kissing my cheek. "Love you baby" he said "Love you to" I said closing my eyes. 
While I was sleeping my phone rung I sighed groaned and looked at it seeing it was my mom I sat up and answered. "Hi mommy" I said "Hey where you sleeping sorry if I woke you" she said "Yeah I was sleep but what's up" "I've been thinking about you is everything okay" she asked "Yeah everything's fine everything's great wedding in a few more days I'm excited" I said "Yeah me to she's a nice girl" "I know she's amazing mom I love her" "I know Jazzy and Jaxon do to" she said "Oh yeah that's true they love her she loves kids" I said "Yeah she does I'm happy you found someone who's honest and loves you" "Me to God has blessed me with the right one" I said "Yeah don't tell me you still think about Selena" "Ew gross no I don't have time to fool with her I have a marriage a wife an amazing daughter and a family" I said "Yeah.." She said "Why aren't you dating" I asked "I don't know I guess I'm to busy worrying about my son". "I'm not a baby anymore mom I'm growing up it hurts to see me turning into a man" "Yeah I guess it's hard letting go" "Don't worry I'll always be your son" I said "Of course well good night Justin love you" "Night love you to" I said and hung I got up going to the window looking up at the stars I felt arms wrap around my waist I smiled and turnt around. "What's wrong" Claire asked "Nothing just thinking" I said "About" "A lot of things my career us my family our daughter" I said sitting down and she sat on my lap. "In a good way right" she asked and I smiled "Yeah we're gonna be a family soon Claire" "I know if that sex slave thing never happened we wouldn't be together" she said "Yeah I agree but we would have been friends with benefits I guess" I said and she chuckled. "Yeah or I would be with your friend I don't know but I'm happy with you everything's gonna be alright be together forever raise Olivia see her grow up graduate her seeing us get old die together watch over her" she said "Don't cry I hate it when you cry" I said and she sighed wiping her face "Yeah it's gonna be a long marriage Justin of how much we love eachother" "Yeah" I said kissing her cheek. "I don't want anything coming between us no one or anything" she said "Me either but why you say that" "I don't know I just want you to know that I don't want anything going wrong with our relationship or our marriage I just want it to be perfect without any drama anyone being in our business all the time and especially you not with that bitch that used you" "Don't sorry that'll never happen" I said "But you don't know that" "I do know that babe can we not talk about her it's about us the baby our family this is our month and I don't want anyone to ruin it I just can't forget all that shit she put me through an I definitely don't wanna talk about it it's about us alright and I love you" I said "Okay" she said I sighed and kissed her lightly. "You know it's been a month since we've had sex I mean every since I've been pregnant we've only fucked once in 8 Months that's bad babe" I said "Excuse me mrs moody but you don't wanna have sex oh justin I'm not ready oh justin I don't feel like it oh justin you can wait till I get the baby out" I said "Well I mean since she's almost here maybe we can" "Oh really" I asked "Mhm what do you say" "Babe were getting married come to papa" I said she giggled and we started making out. 
I woke up in bed naked I sighed Justin groaned turnt around and opened his eyes. "Morning" I said "Morning last night was great well..this morning" he said and I giggled "Yeah it was two more days till the wedding" I said clapping and smiling like an idiot he chuckled and kissed me "You're so cute" he said putting my hair behind my ear "I know" I said he climbed on top of me making out I giggled between kisses. "Ew" Devon said "Really you couldn't knock" Justin said "Well since we're friends I don't have to oh Claire I watched you punch that paparazzi damn you got a punch on you" he said "Well he wouldn't leave me alone what are you doing here" "I just came over to tell you that but I see you two busy doing it maybe I should leave" "Mm what a great idea" I said he rolled his eyes and left I chuckled and pecked Justin's lips. "I'm gonna take a shower you don't mind me wearing one of your sweatpants do you" I asked "Babe I have a thousand of them and were getting married so I don't care" "Okay" I said and kissed him he layed back down while I put my robe on going into the bathroom taking a shower putting my clothes on brushing my teeth. "Do you think having sex when you're pregnant is healthy" he asked "Yes it's very healthy remember what the doctor told us it's safe to have sex during pregnancies girls get horny when their pregnant I do but I just don't like telling you" "I tell you" he said "Yeah cause you're a guy and not afraid to say it" "Whatever" he said and wrapped his arms around my waist kissing on my neck I smiled and giggled. 

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