How Far We've Become *DIRTY*

Im Claire Bell and im 17yrs old have brown hair grey eyes. Live in Chicago with my Aunt Martha my parents sent me away for a while when i was 14 because i was getting into trouble in school so today i go back to Canada cant wait it'll be nice to see my parents again.


12. How Far We've Become/ Funeral

Me and Justin had sex in the bathroom which was pretty amazing we got dressed and fixed ourselves before going out not making it seem obvious. He wrapped his arms around my neck and we kept walking leaving the dance. "I feel bad that you got stood up" he said "Yeah but whatever at least I still got to dance with you and we had a great can't keep your mind off of Jessica still" I asked and he sighed "No well I mean...ugh no I feel bad this is all my fault she had a heart attack and died I-I just can't stop thinking about her" he said "I understand it's my fault to we had sex" "We wouldn't have had sex if I told you that you were my sex slave" "I know but she didn't know it we were you know supposedly cousins" "I know I lied to her I was a bad boyfriend I wish I could take it back" "Yeah...I know you do I know your not gonna forget her but we just have to move on with our lives" "The probably was we never said goodbye to eachother I'm going home" "Justin you have to stop thinking about it it'll only make it worse she's in a better place watching over you she wants you to be happy and not be sad forever yeah it's hard getting over someone that you loved but that's life it happens don't blame yourself it's no ones fault she would want you to have an amazing life without thinking about her just think about it if I died and I was your girlfriend I would want you to enjoy the rest of your life without me and just...move on you were a bad boyfriend because of me we were always hanging around kissing cuddling having sex without her knowing it's all because of me don't blame it on you" "But-" "No if ands or buts" I said "Well can I at least do something" "You can go to her funeral I'm not going cause it'll be awkward" "Aye your the person I had sex with so your coming with me and no if ands or buts your coming" "Fine" I said "Good now I'm feeling a little better since your coming with me I don't want to feel like I'm the only guilty person there" he said "Yeah" I said and sighed "I guess I'll be going home waiting for her funeral in the morning" he said "Same" I said we hugged eachother tight and walked our separate ways going home. "How was the dance" dad asked "It was fun my date stood me up and I got to dance with Justin" "Oh..he try and get some pussy" "Dad" I said "Just asking" he said "Ugh I'm not answering that question" I said "Oh so he did" he said and I rolled my eyes going upstairs. I changed out of my clothes and headed to sleep. The next day came I took a shower and wore a black strapless dress with some sandals doing my hair brushing my teeth I got a text from Justin saying he was outside I sighed put some lip gloss on going downstairs. "Where you going looking goth" mom said "I'm going to Justin's girlfriends funeral" "Jessica oh my god what happen" "Heart attack" I said "Poor thing well good luck" she said "Thanks" I said and went outside into Justin's car. "Wow someone's looking sharp in a tux" I said "Thanks you look nice to..very nice" "Well thank you how long is this funeral" I asked "2 hours" he said I sighed sitting back back in the seat putting on my black sun glasses. We took off and started to drive when we got there a bunch of people was there he sighed and looked at me leaning over giving me a kiss on the lips. "What was that for" "What you said last night it helped me" he said "Yeah I know just trying to help you out" I said "Thanks besides I don't feel good about this" "I know two guilty people at your girlfriends funeral are you gonna be okay" I asked "...Yeah" he said putting on his sunglasses getting out the car. I got out holding hands with Justin going inside taking our seats I know this isn't gonna be pretty.

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